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November 01, 2010



(Thanks to John Manning)


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What is that thing?


I bet it's stolen.

"Honey, are you OK? It's awfully noisy in there...."

It's for an oom-poo band.

It could be worse...

"Gentlemen, start your engines...

Hey, when you gotta phone the pope, you wanna make sure he can hear you.

I don't even want to know where the mouth piece is...

I'm not sure that's up to coda.

very horny

What about the woodwinds?

Where's the lid?

Some people just love to toot their own horn

Use it & feel like urine a band

feel sounds like urine a band, too


Modern classical music has really gone to pot, hasn't it?

The next stall over is for tromboners

This was the instrument the kid on the bus plays at home. Toot, toot, toot toot, his horn went toot toot toot.

How lo can you flow?

This must belong to the #2 tuba.

Where does it flush?

Sandy: "I've never been one to toot my own horn, but if I could, you can bet your a$$ I would."
--David Letterman

maybe it is just for 2nd movements, cuz if urine there to pee, guys, you'd need a very 'wide stance'... & you don't wanna bother the tromboners, now, do ya?

Shoddy journalism, Dave.

Where is this wonderful instrument in'stall'ed?

Duh, MOTW. It's in the bathroom.

On the far right, izzat a music stand for reading material?

Is it a bare-it-tone? Or a basso for the asso?

Where's the mouthpiece?

Building, City, State - who owns it?

John Fillup Sousa.

You ought to hear "Thunderer" on that thing.


Flushing, NY.

'Poop & Circumstance'

"Poop & Circular Stance"

"Bill! I finally figured out who peed in your saxophone!"


Hey, at least there will be no arguments about seats and lids.

"Hey! Keep it down, willya?!"

Put a lid on it, Meanie.

Why? It would just stay up anyw..... um, remain upri ..... not be closed.

Used to play one of those things. Pick it up in the middle of summer and it would be cold. I'm just not seeing sitting on it.
On the other hand, the sound quality should be excellent.

The oldest tuba joke in the world, brought to life by American ingenuity. Nice.

Now I need to listen to Robin Williams. "I did what? I took a dump in your tuba? I thought you meant S@*T in the band."

It's a tuba poo.

Do you sit on it or just stand and deliver?

Mot, that depends if you're (not your) Richie Cunningham or Edward James Olmos.

Bet it sounds better now that it did when new.

Wonder how the acoustics are in there?

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