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November 15, 2010


Gigantic pink plastic snails -- some up to 8 feet tall -- will begin appearing in public places in Miami with an environmental message, their creators say.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Yeah, I just love it when they promote environmental causes by recycling plastic into crap that will wind up back in the landfill in about 20 minutes.

Darn, pad beat me to it.

Recycled Crap WBAGNFA 95% of today's music.

Ans tay off my lawn!

And stay

At least until I remember to proofread.

Hasn't the giant pink snail thing already been ?

Well, it was supposed to say done.

That girl with the lame pink sea snail posting is going to be wondering why now, of all days, she starts getting lots of hits on her facepagemytube-thingy.

Send MORE melted butter.

Maybe more people would go 'green' if it didn't cost so much to buy recycled things. I've been looking to redo my kitchen (too much HGTV watching) and thought of using recycled glass countertops until I found out they cost much more than granite or even marble because they are a green product.

Go with granite. I love being able to put a hot pot down on the countertop.

Marble stains too easily.

The environment is certainly what I think of when I see giant pink snails. I wonder which nuclear reactor is leaking.

I thought there was supposedly a shortage of peyote.

I hope the giant pink snails are not endangered by the sharks on the people mover.

There will be naked protesters, right?

Vince, the giant pink snails are naked. bonmot, I'm going with the granite. I love the way it looks.

Thanks for the link on the side to the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Made me forget my joke about the French fondness for snails.

nc -- you take everything for granite.

I know, I know. That was really hitting rock bottom.

I thought it was marbleous.

*snork* @ mtb.

Lexington KY had a tourist attraction made of fiberglass horses scattered around the town. Now, some horses are appearing to be made of what appears to be sticks and limbs.
All these horses and snails, etc, have one thing in common. And that is rate of travel.
Two. They taste terrible.

8 foot tall snails? Beware of Italians bringing gifts.

The last time I checked, Florida was trying to discourage the invasion of our new overlords.

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