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November 01, 2010


It's literary.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Peter and His Sword of Mercy got into Big Trouble for their Tricky Business.

Titles Schmitles. If you read kids' stories you'll be treated to heavy stuff. Like:
Hana slides down the fireman's pole.
Hana wants to come every day.
Johnny wants Susie's muffin.
Johnny sneaks up behind Susie and grabs her muffin.
Susie decides to share her muffin with Johnny.

Strange, I don't see any of Dave's books in there...

Surely, Peter and the Sword of Mercy would have fit in there somewhere.

'Goodnight Moon'

"Fun With Dick 'n Jane"

'Chicken Soup for the... opps, nevermind...i'll be good


Doodle Flute?

"Harry and The Lady Next Door"??? Wasn't that on Cinemax one night?

There is not enough brain bleach in the universe. . . .

Stupid me for trying to access that link from work... now to remember to access from home!!

"Hop on Pop"

"Bartholomew and the Oobleck"

The Butter Battle Book
In The Night Kitchen
Where The Wild Things Are
Oh, The Places You'll Go

What children's section librarians do until 3:00. I'm getting that Sarah Palin vibe again. OOOOOOOO yeah.

The Cat in the Hat.
The Little Engine That Could.

My youngest daughter just loved for me to read her children's literature before bed.
I still have brain damage but that link helped.

Dave Barry Does Japan
Tricky Business
Big Trouble
The Taming of the Screw

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