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November 29, 2010


Guys are eloquent.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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I'm pretty sure I saw the same article a month or so ago.

--Dick Johnson

Click on bonmot's name for the link to the story. I find it hard to believe that men have over 60 names for their winkies.

I thought most guys just go by "Mr. Big"

And yet the juvenile morons college students who use our university library have scratched "Penis - YEAH" into the temporary walls of our elevator. They iz edyookated.

I vote for tallywhacker.

Tallywhacker, tallywhacker, tallywhacker.

Sixty? What, are they not even trying over there?

what a buncha d!cks...

i mean 'what? a buncha d!cks?!?'

Mine's Johnny so I can do that whole "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" thing, HERE'S JOHNNY

@mot: Stephen King is rolling on his grave...

So is Dave trying to say that "bonmot" is another word for it?

Between rap songs and bodice ripper novels, you could probably come up with another 200 or so at least.

One of our nurses asked me in the office what I called mine (don't tell me anything about men asking women awkward questions).
I told her I just called it "Lonesome George".
My wife was not amused.

Yeah, thanks for correcting my nom de guerre to something other than a link to synonyms of Tallywhacker.

Maybe this lady could use one of those terms.

Late last night and the night before
Tallywhackers, tallywhackers whackin' on my door
I want to go out; don't know if I can
'Cause I'm so afraid of the tallywhacker man.

OK, NOW Stephen King is rolling on his grave.

Well, Elvis did call his Little Elvis, for whatever that tells you (and it may be TMI).

wonder if stephen jes called his 'IT'

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but when I clicked on the link there was a picture of Flo Progressive pointing and grinning from ear to ear.

Sounds familiar.

Oh, I went to Alabama with my banjo on my knee.

Heh heh, heh heh. He said banjo.

"Man has shave before adjusting tallywhacker"

Not the photo I expected for this story.

Oh, I went to Alabama with my banjo on my knee.

Heh heh, heh heh. He said banjo.

Jeff, I take a similar approach to Elvis except I use the adjective BIG instead of little. Hey, I'm entitled to dream as much as the next guy. It's that or "shaking hands with the unemployed."

I've learned through experience that no man likes to hear a woman say, "Awww! Isn't it cute?" when addressing that particular part of his anatomy.

"Mine's Johnny so I can do that whole "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" thing, HERE'S JOHNNY"

Psst! Mot! That was "The Shining". Cuckoos Nest was Nicholson too, but Kesey wrote it, not King.

Is this on the list?

pogo, I'm sure Mr.King has seen the movie though.

"Percy" in Blue Latitudes, which is also useful for the explanation of the Captain Kirk connection, and also why that one shuttle's name was seemingly misspelled as "Endeavour." Just overall, really, it is a good book, start to finish (and no, I'm not connected with it anyway; my library actually was giving it and other, lesser books away for free).

But...it's "Percy."

It's British. That's why the list is so short.

Other than the movie "Porky's" has anyone ever heard tallywhacker used in a movie?


Son of a gun, 61 words now!

Still love Steve Martin's name for it in The Jerk (a not wholly inappropriate film title for this discussion): his "Special Purpose".

The only thing worse than "isn't it cute" is "who are you going to satisfy with that little thang?"

Of course the answer is "me".

I just call mine whenever I'm in the mood. EyeGore, don't be so hard on yourself. You shouldn't beat yourself up so much!

WikiLeaks cable quotes Richard Nixon telling Spiro Agnew: "Did you know the letters in your name can be re-arranged to spell A Penis Grow? You should do something about that." http://bit.ly/ah1IiQ

I always taught my son the correct (medical literature) names for his private parts, you know, dingles, weewee, etc. One time he stood in his tiny tighty whities at my bedside picking at his penis, and I asked if he had to go to the bathroom. His reply, "No, my penis is stuck to my contestants." Well, he WAS only three at the time, but I almost busted a gut trying not to laugh at him. Eventually, I lost and had to ask, "Is there a game show going on down there?"

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