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November 30, 2010


Guys are practical.

(Thanks to Gregg Geil)


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OT / Recently went thru Indpls airport where Mr. Nannie had to get a pat-down because when he went thru the scanner, he had - wait for it - a
Blurred Groin! What good company he's in!


You may now resume your normal absurditites.

End OT/

I am lucky enough to have survived long enough to reach an age where drinking beer inspires me to........drink more beer. I am perfectly happy sitting back and watching younger guys spend countless hours coming up with new and more complicated ways to kill themselves. Been there, done that, not going back.

Coming soon to a Foster's "How to Speak Australian" commercial.

I want one!

More OT/ Nannie- I also got the Dave Barry special treatment in the private room after I failed my first (public) pat-down, which occurred after I set off the buzzer. My TSA newbestfriend let me bring my husband in with us.
End OT/

I watch the videos just to hear the accents.

Coming soon to a sidewalk near you.

Dang. Mine has a mere in-line six cylinders ...

I hate it when that happens ...

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