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November 28, 2010


The smell of pumpkin pie - with a touch of lavender scent mixed in - increases sexual arousal in men more than any fancy perfume, according to Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In the study, men aged 18 to 64 were exposed to 24 different scents, including perfumes, and their penile blood flow was recorded.


Personally, I don't care for pumpkin pie or lavender, for what they's worth.

Pen!le Blood Flow opened for Aerosmith, right?

It is sort of a given that women like flowers more than men do. In view of this, I have wondered why women seem to think that smelling like flowers is such a turn-on for men.
Food smells do a much better job.
I don't eat doughnuts, but I do love that smell.

'Pumpendernuts' WBAGNFAGermanOompahBand

I sometimes wear a vanilla based purfume - and my husband is a huge cookie lover. :)

They probably didn't test the effects of beer and steak with a little eau de football as a stabilizer.

Female researcher: "Now, if you would just uncover yourself I am going to clip on the genital plethysmograph right here. . .or . . here. . . okay . . . here."

over the river and through the woods
to the foundation labs we go
the plethysmograph has you
not at 'full staff'
so 'brussels sprouts' would be a 'no'!

someday we'll deliver the perfect smell
for ladies and gents as well
to guys it's delicious
for girls 'washing the dishes'
has known to ring her bell.

Personally, cordite and gear oil goes a long way.

In the study, men aged 18 to 64 were exposed to 24 different scents, including perfumes, and their penile blood flow was recorded.
Exactly how do they record this?
*waves lavender bouquet at blog guys while eating a piece of pumpkin pie*

Double for me, Loud. Come on, if you're a real "guy" the smell of just about anything increases penile blood flow as long as there's a female on the other end of it.

Air of a G-string Wing?

Makes the post-Thanksgiving TSA enhanced pat-down more interesting . . .

"The next most arousing was the combination of black licorice and doughnut.... Other pleasing combinations included pumpkin pie and doughnut; lavender and doughnut...."

So doughnuts are a catalyst? Why wasn't that in my high school chemistry curriculum?

Chicago study...soon to be incorporated in a commercial starring Mike Ditka and Dick Butkus.

Didn't you link to this study about three years ago? I remember thinkng at a time - Measuring penile blood flow? THERE'S a job I never want. Ever."

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