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November 22, 2010


This blog begs to differ.

(Thanks to the Perts)


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Just try to get something like that started in Old Brunswick and you'll see just how happenin' NB is today.

They seem to have a lot of hookers.

Does the name Matt Hookers violate the blog's policy?

"When I went to the university to register these mats they became very alive for me,...."

I'll have what she's having.

Registered Rug Hookers WBAGNFA rollerderby team.

'...they became very alive for me, it was very emotional. I thought 'wow'...'

these people must be living in a vacuum

Where do I donate my old underwear?

does it feature a LARGE Maple Leaf?

No, but there are a couple of blue latex gloves embedded in them.

I thought the Brunswick Hookers were a really bad bowling team, second only to the Nova Scotia Gutterballs.

"I'd like to cancel my trip to the Hedonism resort please, and can I exchange the tickets for New Brunswick?"

Now don't get into a stew, Martini Shark.

John Adams: Wake up, Franklin, you're going to New Brunswick.
Franklin: Like hell I am. What for?
Stephen Hopkins: The whoring and the drinking.
(Ben Franklin gets up and heads toward the door.)

-1776, the musical, which I am not making up.

It's nice to see Martini Shark back on the blog. Now do something so I can *SMACK* you for old times sake.

psst - nursecindy - he said 'can I' when he should've said 'may I.'

You're absolutely right, Annie. *SMACKS* Sharkie for incorrect grammar.

My wife once told me she wanted to be a hooker. I was thinking about lawyers until she told me what kind of rug she wanted to make.

I see New Brunswick already has legalized marijuana

Look again ladies at the quotes; that was said in character.
Cindy can now bend over for retrobution.

It's a long cold winter up there.

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