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November 27, 2010


Spanish woman claims ownership of the Sun

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Dibs on Uranus!

Does this mean I can sue her for sunburn?

Well, she did call 'firsties'.

I, on the other hand, call dibs on the moon. NASA owes me some rent.

Oh, my mistake. I thought you meant The Sun.

Why does this remind me of my ex-wife?

Property taxes must be asstronomical.

That's a little personal isn't it, Siouxie!

That's a little personal isn't it, Siouxie!

I owned a Mercury once....

Meanie, mercury can cause brain damage. Glad you dumped it -- oop, in a landfill?

Can I charge her rent for all the sun that spills unsolicited onto my property? And she said she's not stupid.

I'm claiming damages for sunburn.

Now she tells me.

I owned a Nova. Rock breaks scissors.

I've got you all beaten. I still have a Mercury and my sweetie Jeff, not Meyerson, has a Saturn. So there.

Every lawyer in America is kicking himself.

Such a bright woman.

She caused my father's skin cancer?

She owes both of us 10% of her income, for pain and suffering.

(And naturally, another 15% for the lawyers!)

Dibs on Pluto

She can only visit her property at night.

Dibs on Andromeda.
Especially that Lexa Doig doll.

This is going to come as a surprise to Phoenix.

So SHE'S the one responsible for all this global warming stuff. Massive lawsuits.

Yabbut I bought the Milky Way Galaxy from the Federation, so everyone owes me royalties on its contents. I have a bill of sale notarized in Nigeria to prove it.

Any lawsuits can be filed on Iota Geminorum IV.

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