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November 22, 2010


A Japanese railroad is disrupted by a millipede outbreak.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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They're not millipedes. Look closer. They're midget suicide squirrels.

'the millipedes were the "Chamberlinius hualienensis Wang" When the train ran over them, the crushed innards acted like oil, causing the wheels of the train to lose traction'

Must've been an awful lot of Wang ick

"yanbaru tosaka yasude" (Japanese name)
"Chamberlinius hualienensis Wang" (scientific name)
"Mass of oozing appendages" (MtB name)

so the millipedecame?

it really is a great band name. also millipede suicides would be good too.
never the less... bugs. ick.

Millipede outbreak
Brings locomotives to crawl
Feet have failed them now

If my Chamberlinius hualienensi wang could break concrete and stop trains, I would be a very proud man.

>hualienensis (above)<

And in a new Japanese game show craze, contestants inhale milliwang gas and attempt to dodge greasy trains!

Ancient Japanese riddle: If a millipede is battling addiction, how many steps are in the program?

"Innards" is a great word. So are "dullard" and "dolt".
"That dullard's innards done overflowed the outhouse, Paw!" "What a dolt."

Should have been a classic Japanese horror flick. The 50 foot radioactive hydrochloric acid farting millipede that attacked Tokyo. The thousand feet of terror.

"... tens of thousands per square meter" WOW!! I mean, that's like a millipede carpet.

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