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November 29, 2010


But apparently you do.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Um, "control" is probably a euphemism in this case, and not a fun one.

And don't lie and tell people you have a permit cause that is illegal, lol.

In my experience, it's simply not possible to control a beaver, dam nuisance or not.

Finally. *SMACKS* bonmot. Now I can get on with my typical Monday activites.

There's no such thing as a nuisance beaver!

Nuisance Beaver WBAGNFAn Eve Teaser

Bad Beaver! Wait until you get home! You're gonna get the licking you deserve!


When I knew her, her name was Sharon

Nuisance Beaver Control = Shaving.

Beavers are a nuisance? Hoo gnu?

The permit may be free but the beaver is not.

Perimiter? Dammit!

I blame Eddie Haskell.

Bea afraid. Bea-very afraid.

"Nice Beaver."
"Thanks. I just had it stuffed."

RIP Leslie Nielsen

If Mr. Cleaver had needed a permit, he wouldn't have been so hard on the Beaver. Just sayin'.

If Mr. Cleaver had needed a permit, he wouldn't have been so hard on the Beaver.
Or his sons...

I did not know you needed a permit. Why does Dave think I knew that?

(Siouxie, Jon....dam!)

At least it doesn't cost anything to get a permit to control your beaver.

The only beavers in South Africa are in the zoo.

I sent Hammie a shot of a beaver earlier but I think I hit preview rather than post. Here it is again.

Nuisance beavers? What about those woodchucks in the Geico commercial?

Beaver control permits? Who'd thought you'd need a license for S&M.

Not the beaver shot we were all hoping for, nc.

I was expecting something with a reddish tint to it.

A miffed muff?

Nuisance beavers. There's a cream for that now.

Hey, no need for judgments...just change the channel! (from NJ or Desperate to Idol or whatever!)

I have actually had beaver control permits, trapped beavers, skinned beavers, eaten beavers, taught about the importance of beavers in North American history, and watched a beaver the size of a St. Bernard in the Yukon Territory. Beaver are rodents and can be incredibly destructive in the wrong place; think of them as giant squirrels.

Please folks, control your beavers. A beaver in the hand is worth two in the bush, or something like that.

Who hasn't eaten beaver?

those nice government permitting folks in Louisiana also would like you to get a permit for those darned pesky nuisance SQUIRRELS! YIKES! what is the world coming to.....

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