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November 26, 2010


Love yer city, hate yer Gabba pig's ear: Barmy Army

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I've said that many times myself.

Is there an English translation?

That is the English translation. I want the American version.

I had two Saudi students assigned to me for a seminar once. Every day, they would come in with an Americanism they had heard and ask for a translation. It was enough to make most people think.
Not me, though. I winged it.
It was a wonderful educational experience for them.

Gabba, Gabba Hey!


Can I mambo dog face to the banana patch?

wiredog, I just emailed that same question to my Australian friend. I eagerly anticipate his snarky response.

England will be lucky if they break their duck on the first wicket, much less score any overs.

I'm waiting for the umpire to stick his finger up.

"Obviously it's a totally different place to the other places." Obviously.

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