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November 27, 2010


German Zoo Forces Gay Vultures to Mate With Females

(Thanks to Sharon Lurie)


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One hestitates to ask but...how did they force them? Cattle prod? Vulture porn? V!agra?

though other vultures occasionally stole their building materials, as if to spite them.

Feathered homophobia?

ANOTHER example of human kindness, compassion and

"Ve havf vays of making you mate, Guido!"

"Yah, dat goes double fer you, Detlaf"

The birds, in horror, died.

This sounds like a case of gay-by-default; i.e., not enough females around.
The two gay male ducks behind our place in Florida are definitely hot for each other, chasing females away.
The animal world is surprising. I've watched male jumping spiders putting the moves on females. Unfortunately, they are not discriminating. Sometimes the female has to tell them it just won't work out; they're different species.
In other words, in the jumping spider world, it's always last call at the bar.

My head is going to explode. If someone captures a gay guy from SF and forces him to mate with a lesbian from NY there might be room for protest. None of these folks obviously have enough to do.

This is what the culture (or is it vulture) war has come to, 2 guys hang out when there are no women available so they have to be gay. Maybe it was just a ploy to make themselves look better to the lady vultures. I bet now that they are hooked up they won't lift a finger around the nest.

In related news, the Marines don't want gays because there's no room for a nest in a foxhole.

I logged on just to make sure this item was here.

And y'all didn't let me down.

P.S. I'm a little surprised that nobody has hastened with the assurance "NTTAWWT"

Anthropomorphisize much?

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