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November 30, 2010


Logger hauls away sculpture mistaken for wood pile

Key Quote from Logger Unable to Distinguish between A Pile of Wood and Art: "If that's art then I'm in the wrong racket."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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If you like that, I can sell you a little log I sculpted using only my colon.

Uh, I think I'll pass Punkin...so to speak.

*wonders how much wood he would've chucked...*

Check back with me tomorrow morning, Jeff....I'm working on a sequel.

You see, the problem is the penis fell off his sculpture. Otherwise the logger would have been able to identify it as art.

It occurs to me that I have this same sculpture in my backyard.

yeah. lacks culchah. shuuuure.
its a friggin pile o wood.
may i go out there and smack those people?

Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is keeping a straight face until the check clears.

A violation beyond belief! Even by this side angled view of the photo, one can clearly recognize the large cross carefully placed over the numerously manicured smaller "dead" timber. Reminiscent of how one might bury a dearly departed pet.

"A most elegantly assembled statement and promise of future funeral pyre!"

A sacrilegious act has occurred here!

This reminds me of the time that one my friends, Ernie wished to impress and express. He placed a bumper sticker on his car that said "I DID ART." The ridicule from our group of friends with - "Hey Ernie, who's Art?" Did not stop until he removed the sticker. LOL!

sorry, meant to say DIG ART

'Did' works even better, OCD.

Hey! I DID ART, too!

"Artie Chokes Two for a Dollar"

Punchline to a very bad joke.

bon, are you sure it's not - "on" two for a...?

One man's art is another man's fuel source.

If your 'artwork' is mistaken for either a woodpile or trash, maybe it's only art in your eyes. I wonder if DaVinci or Michelangelo had this same problem?

Nursecindy -- The ceiling took a really long time, so I suspect there might have been a trade union involved.

Heck, I've been cutting wood on my wife's farm for months. There are piles of art all over the place. Even in the barn!
I've been burning the stuff!
What was I thinking?


men -
always looking for more wood

In my version, OC, Artie was hired to do the choking, but got the wrong victim at first.

A classic case of beaver artist discrimination. When will they get the respect they deserve?

Beavers can do art? Is there anything a beaver can't do?!

beavers chizzle, fo' shizzle

Picasso was misunderstood, too.

"That's not a face, it's a pile of wood".

Bon, as far as I know beavers can't change the oil in the minivan.

Maybe not directly, Wingnut, but I'm sure a savvy beaver could find a way to cause the oil to be changed.

"Savvy Beaver" WBAGNFAgirlB

It's better than bad, it's good!

Log Song

I know beavers who can change the oil in a minivan

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