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November 26, 2010


...for traditional Catalan figurines depicting defecating world leaders.

Story here.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Can I get one of Glenn Beck? Maybe, pooping on Hannity?

Pope poop?

Wait a minute...Michael Jackson is a "world leader"?

Is that anything like a "real housewife"?

Who knew?

What, no Lady Poo Poo???

Thanks anyway, but I already knew Obama was full of $#!t.

Lionel Messi?

Give him more t.p.!

We already knew the answer to the age old question "does a bear sh!t in the woods" but I never imagined it would morph into "does Michael Jackson sh!t on your nativity set".

No better way to teach the kids the true meaning of
Christmas than playing that old family favorite "find the world leader taking a dump in the nativity."

The gross national product of Spain.

Does the Pope baring it crap in the woods.

Since I am still full of pumpkin pie and broccoli casserole I'm afraid to click on the linkie.

That is one regular looking steamer. More like brown Dairy Queen.

Need some help from the Roman Catholics on the blog. Will I go to hell for looking at the Pope taking a dump? Do I need to go to confession? What do I say is my sin?

Crosses self before talking to Wingnut. No, you won't go to hell. At least not for that. btw, I am a good, practicing Catholic. One of these days, if I continue to practice, I may get it right.

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