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November 16, 2010


Here's an interview I did with NPR about being groped at the airport because of my blurred groin. And here's a story from the Herald about Nora Ephron, one of the smartest and funniest writers there is; I had the pleasure of interviewing her last night at the Miami Book Fair.


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Humorist Dave Barrys' Blog is called Dave Barrys' Blog

Whoo hoo!!! We made NPR!!

According to cheerful Blogger Bob of the TSA, the whole thing is probably your fault. See, you probably had something in your pocket or an implant you didn't tell them about. And then they HAD to carry out their implied threat. We wouldn't want those ominous ellipses to be in vein... Then the terrorists would have won... And we can't allow that...

"It’s worth mentioning that only a small percentage of passengers end up needing a pat-down. The best way to be prepared at the checkpoint is to remove everything from your pockets prior to screening. Also, if you have a hidden medical device, you may want to bring it to the officer’s attention before screening. We’ll be better able to help expedite your screening that way..."

I don't care about the statistics. I'm going to drive to North Carolina instead of flying.

Warning to North Carolina - your squirrel population is about to increase by one.

So...Mrs. Blog is one satisfied woman, according to Dave.

Would that be an implant like the alien-abducted woman had on Castle last night, Elon?

hey did anyone else notice that penn state has a quarterback named pat magroin? weird coincidence, huh?

Don't know, Jeff. You'd have to ask Blogger Bob.

Wait a minute. Maybe Dave's blurry is caused by a procedure that was the subject of a recent column in a magazine that shall remain nameless and topless.

The hearbreak of blurred groin.

At my age, all groins look blurry.

Warning to North Carolina - your squirrel population is about to increase by one.

"Mr. DAVE BARRY (Humorist): "
Glad they cleared that up.

There was "a real book fair buzz in the air."

Like the Rock Bottom Remainders?

Thanks to everyone for warning those of us living in N.C. that our squirrel population is about to increase. Right now I have 2 of them running back and forth on my porch torturing my cat who is watching them out the window. NMUA, what part of N.C. are you visiting? If you're in the Charlotte area let me know. It's on my bucket (pronounced bouquet) list to meet as many bloggers as possible.

btw, that sure is a cheery bunch of commenters on the NPR site isn't it? There is one very intelligent comment near the top, however. Great interview Dave and I also love Nora Ephron.

So are you supposed to tell the TSA "I'll have what she's having"?

So ... if I buy an airline ticket, and they say they're gonna do a "touch-search" of my personal anatomy ... do I get to pick the TSA agent who does the (ahem) job?

I've seen a few of them gals that are quite attractive ... in a uniformed/commanding/domineering/control-freaky kinda way ...

Let a guy touch me? Only if I can video the entire procedure and then put the episode on YouTube ... WITH HIS NAME CLEARLY VISIBLE ... if not, he's gonna draw back a bloody stump where his "search appendage" used to be ...

Dave, you've got to understand for a lot of these TSA people this is the only action they get all month.

O, be sure to use that WHO song from Tommy as a soundtrack. Touch me.....Feel me

I think when every American has to choose between radiation or a groping (or sometimes gets both), the terrorists have won.


Wing' ... I think mebbe I'd have a tendency to reply with the immortal words read by Alice (written by Lewis Carroll, of course) ...


You got to go to a separate room for your groping? I (who do not resemble an elderly woman, but use a cane for walking) got groped right out in the open at Indianapolis Ongoing Construction Airport! Frontal and backal handage groping, too!

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