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November 30, 2010


Women accused of hiding merchandise in body fat

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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How big were these girls' boobs!!!!???

I'm almost afraid to ask this...but how could they possibly hide all that stuff in their body fat???

They won't get far on foot, butt they got pretty far on cankles.

"Next week, on 'Hoarders'...."

these were some fat chicks i guess. yikes.

I've had to do EKG's on well endowed women, and I've had to hoist up a few fat-bags to apply the little sticky thingies that the lead wires attach to. You'd be amazed (and grossed out) at what I've found under there.

After the stolen items end their usefulness as evidence, they will become merchandise once again. For the sake of your health (trans fat intake)and sanity, avoid the clearance rack.

How on earth do you put one pair of boots under your boobs much less four? I really hope T.J. Maxx either threw this stuff away or cleaned it really, really well.

TMI, Punkin. Same goes for the article. ewww

They say they took four pair of boots, three pair of jeans, a wallet and gloves; $2,600 worth of store merchandise.

How big were they?

Yo momma SO fat . . .

ailene? shmeco? what choice did they have but a life of crime.

Headline: Women accused of hiding merchandise in body fat

Snoop Dog: 'Womizzle accusizzle of hizzle mizzle in body fizzle'

fo' shizzle

oh, & i hope the cops checkizzled their boot-ays

Roll 'em in flour and look for the wet spot!

Let's face it. Some folks have so much in excess that they could continue past T.J. Maxx, right next door to the car dealership, and hide a Yukon off the showroom.

Punkin, that will probably be their defense. "Why, officer, I had NO IDEA anything was in there!"

A literal, human Katamari Damacy.

*smacks bonmot*

Somehow you deserved that. Plus my hands are cold and I gotta warm them up.

bonmot, I think it's "roll them in flour and look for the price tags." And I deserve a *SMACK* for saying that...

Dammit Dave, put a warning on these things.

*SMACKS* bonmot because he deserves it. *SMACKS* eil because he asked for it.

Dang. All the good stuff has already been taken ...

The JOKES! Wadju tink I ment?

it does make you wonder what else they might have stuffed in there, wherever in there is.

TSA nightmare.

Probably some serious cheese in the crevices. Just throw the stuff away. Schmeco?? Did they run out of pseudo-African names. It was probably Shamica or something like that.

I would pay good money to watch the Butt Sisters go through an enhanced pat down, though screeners might lose a limb in the process. Also reminds me of one of Dave's old columns explaining that Aretha could get a backhoe in her cleavage...

And did the search unearth Julian Assange, Jimmy Hoffa or Aretha's backhoe?

eil is all girl! *hairflip* And cindy, OWWW!

You know, I'm a pretty big gal myself, but I am seriously impressed at 4 pairs of boots AND 3 pairs of jeans! I don't think I could conceal one pair of either. I'm not sure how I feel about that... relieved, and yet, somehow, inadequate?

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