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November 29, 2010


Count us out.

(Thanks to jon harris, who says, "soylent brown.")


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"Tastes like sh!t"

Human Excreta WBAGNFAHeavyMetalB

Etcetera, etcetera, excreta.

" 'It is estimated that only 10 percent of the three million tones of phosphorus excreted by the global human population each year are returned to agricultural soils,' Britain's largest organic certification body, the Soil Association, said."

Shouldn't that be 'tonnes?' Since we are speaking proper English and all that.

About one percent of sea water is phosporous, so we have a plentiful supply when the mined stuff runs out.

We excrete tones of phosphorous? I've never noticed anything particularly musical or illuminated...

Is anyone still in touch with Schadeboy, or who can get me a link to his blog? Mine, where I have a link to it, is temporarily dark and I can't do it from memory. Thanks for any help in advance.

No jokes from me. When I worked in the health department, we had regulations out the tush, so to speak, dealing with disposal of human waste. I argued that we were treating as a problem that which should be used as a resource.
The main problem with sewage is that it is treated just enough to dump into our water supplies-where it causes further problems.
I used to say that it beat the heck out of me why a farmer would pay thousands of dollars to put in a septic tank system, then get in the truck to go buy fertilizer.
Other than the fact that the law required it.

Maybe our lo-flo's are trying to tell us something.

Regarding Jon Harris' "Soylent Brown" snark: IIRC, the movie Soylent Green was based on the old Harry Harrison futuristic novel "Make Room, Make Room."

Which you'll definitely want to do in the future when they roll those honey wagons through.

Be thankful they only want you to eat Soylent Brown! Soylent Green will make you sorrier. And then they'll make you eat Brussels sprouts. (Though my father once said "son, for every Brussels sprout you eat, that's one fewer cabbage brought into the world.")

Shouldn't the world's largest organic certification body be named something other than the "Soil Association?" Come on Brits!

With so much creativity running around in this blog, we ought to be able to offer up a more descriptive name.

OC - How about the "Poopy Ass."

The CEO can be the Poopy Head.

We employees can be the Turds.

Coming soon to a farm near you: Pay Per Poop.

hahaha, Punkin! Not too bad. I sorta like it. I was thinking more along the lines of:

SSM - Soiled Society Metrics, or
PWGDD - People for Well Grounded DOO-DOO , or
TMBCMITE - There Must Be Country Music In The Earth

hahaha, Punkin! Not too bad. I sorta like it. I was thinking more along the lines of:

SSM - Soiled Society Metrics, or
PWGDD - People for Well Grounded DOO-DOO , or
TMBCMITE - There Must Be Country Music In The Earth

"... only 10% of the 3 million tons of phosphorus excreted by the global human population...are returned to agricultural soils," Britain's organic certification body, the Soil Association, said..."

so the Soil Ass. wants more @ss soil?

@OC - curse! soiled again

It's critial for growing dingleberries.

Then there are all the problems we've had with imported food infected with e. coli and other enteric bacteria. Much is from areas (coughmexicocough)where it's not uncommon to fertilize with sewage and for field workers to just squat beside your romaine. MmmmMmmm Good.


Mad Cow Disease is bad enough. These guys are assking for Mad Cow-orkers Disease.

Shades of Denny Crane.

It's called Milorganite - we Milwaukeeans are good for something...

Milorganite has the same problems as any other sludge (aka "biosolids") -- quality control.

Human waste has been used for fertilizer for millennia, but it didn't contain pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, atomic isotopes, etc. which are not removed by sewage treatment. Grow flowers with Class A Biosolids, but food crops? No shit, Sherlock.

We've used Milorganite on the lawn and flower gardens. Works pretty well. Whethe stuff gets old and wet it can have a distink odor that reminds one of the the local treatment plant.

Dibs on rights to Washington D.C.'s output! I will control the universe!

Sheesh. People can be so fecal.

So long as man has walked on the earth we have tried to find better ways to kill each other. If we look back in time all the wars that have been fought have seamed to be over small stupid things but obviously at the time they where very important to all concerned.

Wow! That show would beat "Punkin' Chuckin'!" (My apologies to Punkin Poo.)

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified infectious human and animal prions (think Mad Cow, Chronic Wasting Disease, Alzheimer's, Creutzfeld Jakob Disease, etc.) as emerging pathogenic contaminants of concern in sewage sludge "biosolids".:

Prions are found in the blood, urine and feces of human and animal prion victims.
Dr. Adriano Aguzzi: "Further research by the team showed that, if inflammation is induced in any excretory organ of the body, prions are excreted in whatever substance the organ excretes.

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) has been identified by scientists as a prion
disease: www.sludgevictims.com/pathogens/ALZHEIMERS-CJD-samepriondisease.pdf

There are 5.3 million victims of AD in the US who may be excreting infectious prions in their urine and feces to sewers, where the wastewater treatment process reconcentrates the prions in the sewage sludge: www.sludgevictims.com/pdf_files/PRIONSINSEWAGEANDSLUDGE_PEDERSEN_ETAL.pdf

But the EPA and waste industry are making FALSE statements to the public. Even though they acknowledge there are prions in Class A sludge "biosolids" compost
they still promote and advertise this contaminated waste for use in home flower and vegetable gardens, and parks, playgrounds, ballfields, where children with their hand-to-mouth behavior eat dirt and play as being "STERILE" and "PATHOGEN-FREE". www.sludgevictims.com/prions/PATHOGENFREECLASSASLUDGE.pdf

University of Melbourne, October 2009 - The human prion is a hundred thousand times more difficult to deactivate than the animal form of infective agent: www.sciencealert.com.au/news/20091310-19987-2.html

2007 - Dr. Joel Pedersen, et als: Oral transmissibility is enhanced by a common soil mineral which binds prions and can increase the infectious titer by a factor of 680. www.plospathogens.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.ppat.0030093

In the July 3, 2010 issue of VETERINARY RECORD, renowned Univ. of Wisconsin researcher Dr. Pedersen stated: “Finally, the disposal of sludge was considered to represent the greatest risk of spreading (prion) infectivity to other premises.”

Helane Shields, PO Box 1133, Alton, NH 03809 hshields@worldpath.net 603-875-3842 Prions in sludge: www.sludgevictims.com/pathogens/prion.html


I think this is the blog you're looking for:


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