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November 18, 2010


An Idaho treasurer resisted a doctor's push to include colonoscopy reminders in annual tax notices, fearing some taxpayers would find the notes "ironic."

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Yes for lack of a better description I would have to say this would be ironic. Or if I were a little courser person I would say that is a pain in the aXX
and not the colonoscopy. I am always asleep for those.

What if it was classy, like so.

"Two things in life are certain, this and death. If you want one of them to come faster, skip the colonoscopy."

a telling analogy: 'the only thing certain in life is death and taxes'

Internal revenewwwwww service.

^5 elon! We're cheek to cheek (_!_)(_!_)

sandy, I'm lollering at your graphics!! :D

yeah i'm totally gonna start using that one.


like so.

that didn't work right.

consarn it.


bad taste. nope, i wont go there....

the 'ironic' thing is that cox resisted the push

...like the person who sent the letter to the Sanford cops, eh queensbee?

"But doc, I don't need a colonoscopy. I just went through airport security."

I da ho?! YOU da ho!

Ironic, yes. But also totally appropriate since both give me gas and are pains in the a$$.
(For my last check, the doctor told me he'd have to check because many insurers are now declining to pay to knock you out. I told him that, having actually experienced one before, if I wasn't out, I wouldn't be there.
There is absolutely no history of colon cancer in my family).

So the treasurer was named Cox and the doctor was jones. I will stop there.

Sounds like Sharin Cox is being anal about the whole thing. Once you've paid your real estate taxes a colonoscopy is a breeze.

It's just a sneaky way for the gubmint to find and tax your accessory structures.

Bend over...twice.

Steve, that is fer shure. Last one I had they did not tell me they were only giving me twilight sleep. Not an experience I want to repeat.

Well, you wouldn't want to end up with one of these: ;

Push and colonoscopy dont go together.

Also: I am definitely not voting for that guy.

Marie, Idaho

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