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November 24, 2010


This blog is going to observe Thanksgiving by giving thanks for -- among many other things -- the fact that this blog is not legally required to blog. You crazy guys 'n' gals have a good day. Do not opt out of the pumpkin pie.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

OK, time to get out the Turkey Carol song books. Hoping all are in a warm safe place with friends and family.

I am thankful for many things this year, one of them is finding this blog a few years back. It helps keep me sane. But when I share the occasional link with my FB friends and family they think I'm INsane.

Perfect. Thanks, Dave.

And to everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. It's time for beer. And that poultry/pork thing.

Thanks, dave, judi & everyone for lots of laughs ;)

(*FIRST* to jump into the pumpkin pie)

I'd rather see you jump out of a cake, sandy.

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys.

Living in a hurricane zone, I am, as always, thankful for free-flowing electricity.

Dave's readers are the BEST bunch of turkey bloggers this side of...that guy who drinks beer in Sweden.

And that includes myself. (gobble)

That's because the head Turkey has been pardoned and blessed by the biggest Turkey in the universe.

Whoever that is.

Now excuse me while I go make my grandma's pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave, judi and families. We're grateful for the smiles you give us during these very trying times.

Isn't the blog legally required to blog daily under the Contact With America that he signed when he retired from writing his weekly column? (His signature is right below Newt Gingrich's, and to the right of John Hancock's.)

When in doubt go back for seconds.

All the best to the underblog.

To quote the great Les Nesman, 3 time winner of the Silver Sow award: "With God as my witness, I thought those turkeys could fly!"

Have Joy, everyone!

(You can watch that entire episode here: WKRP Turkeys Away!)

Happy Thanksgiving Dave, judi, and Dave fans. And remember, when stuffing the turkey tomorrow, the TSA says it is okay to use an open palm

Sources more intelligent and I, aka Mrs. PirateBoy, have just informed me that the comment I posted was uttered by "The Big Guy", and *not* Mr. Lester Nesman.

I hereby apologize, and beg both the station owner's, and your forgiveness.

And please, people, always remember to cook your turkey thoroughly...


I am thankful for many things and you crazy people are among them. Thanks to Dave, judi and all of you who make this blog a great place to visit daily! I am grateful for the many friends I've met and will hopefully meet in the future. Hope you all have a wonderful day of Thanks and many Blessings for the Holiday season.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

You gotta love a Holiday that is all about eating and watching football!!

I am grateful for a Blog where I DON'T have to be "the grown up"...

Happy Thanksgiving to the best bunch of turkeys I know.

Please add my thanks to everyone else's for the smiles and laughs that I am permitted to enjoy here. For Dave, judi, all the original bloglits, and everyone who has joined in over the years to add fun to my days - thank you all.

*Sneaks another scoop of pecan pie filling while no one is looking*

HT, all. This is the best blog anywhere, and I know blogs. And the commenters are the best, too-- both funny and maddeningly good-natured. Try to get on the bad side of this blog, and you'll find yourself covered in beer-flavored Jell-O.

I am extremely grateful for this blog and all the bloggers and bloggetes who take time out from their busy days to add their wisdom. With all the lost productivity it's no wonder we're stuck in this recession.
Since I spend so much time here, and a lot less on the news sites I used to frequent I find myself a lot happier, if less educated, which I think is the same thing.

But I don't like pumpkin pie, Dave. Can't I have apple?

Had a good birthday today and hope all bloggers and their (not there) loved ones has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's my favorite holiday.

Happy Birthday, Jeff! I would also like to thank Dave, Judi, and all the bloggers here for helping me through the tough times by making me smile. You're all a special group and I'm so glad I found this blog. For that I am truly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! btw, it's a little known medical fact that holiday calories do not count.

Another person here who is thankful for Dave, Judi, and all the bloggers who give me a daily laugh. I am also thankful for my great hubby, who made sure I had today to just chill, before the madness of cooking for a very large contingent of my family tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sorry to rain on the parade, but Thanksgiving began as a celebration of genocide. I hope everyone here enjoys their holiday, but many descendants of the victims don't.

/end rant.

Jeff, glad your (not you're) birthday was happy.

And ditto to all of the above! May your (not, etc) pat-downs be joyous!

Let's (not lets) also send best wishes and gratitude to the troops. Come home, soon and safe!

Amen, Tash. Dorakay, your hubbie is a keeper. Does he have a single brother just like him????

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Ralph, please take your Debbie-downer comments somewhere else! This blog is the place for all of us to relax and enjoy each and every joke, football, and turkey, not always in that order.

I'll put this politely: Revisionist history has no place here.

meurent spammeur! pas de dinde pour vous!
(die spammer! no turkey for you!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

You understood that insomniac? To our spammer, Joyeux Thanksgiving. I Rate Reader, I agree. I believe that one thing I am most thankful for this year is no new's reporter has said "Happy Turkey Day". That drives me crazy.

In the immortal words of Sophie Kaufman-Barry, "Have Joy!" (and turkey. or tofurkey. or beer.)

The spammer scared me for a minute there. I thought my eyes had finally given out.

I guess Ralph agrees with that great thinker Ms. A. Jolie.

Happy Turkey Ham Day, cindy.


Happy Thanksgiving to all you people of good humor that I am grateful to have found on the blog.

What Siouxie said.

Happy bday, Jeff. (happy turkeyday, nc)

someone say beer flavored jell-o!?!?
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! I miss you. I miss having a job where I can hang out, but I'm thankful to have one that pays.

Happy Turkey Day! (oops, sorry about that, nc)

And please remember, don't do anything you wouldn't want to see downloaded onto the Internet...!

Sometimes it's very hard to stop and find things to be thankful for. I appreciate that we have this day set aside to bring our minds and hearts back to seeing what is right in front of us - family (most of them), friends (this blog very much included) and LAUGHTER. For you all, (except for Frenchy Spammer) I am grateful.

Now, where did I put my pants with the elastic waistband???

Happy Birthday, Jeffypoo!

*SMACKS* Ralph!

Y'alls have a good one! (Oh yeah..I'm especially thankful for the men and women who won't be with their loved ones today because they are out there fighting for our freedoms! God Bless them!

Someone say "birthday"?

Have some cake...!

[just change "Kim" to "Jeff" and you'll settle for 21, right?]

Thanks to Dave, Judi, all the bloggeroos. This is the one best sanctuary of foolishness in a most self-important world.

Go shoot a turkey in the thigh. Mmmm, breast meat. What??

Hey, let's lighten up a bit on our blogbuddy Ralph.

While I agree that the purpose of this holiday is truly for focusing on what's good in our lives, there are tragic and unfortunate truths about our world that deserve focus as well - except, I would say, let's reserve today for the good (of which there is much) and work on other days to make amends where possible and steer a better course for the future.

Pie in the sky? Maybe. Pies in the oven? Yes!!

I am thankful for all the snorks, giggles, and the WTFBBQ stories on this most funny of blogs, Dave, judi, and all the blogguys/gals (you know who you are) who make me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and watch out for those turkey chitterlings. You know you're supposed to empty that thing before cooking.

Was somebody back up the thread looking for advice on thoroughly cooking your turkey?

If all else fails, there's always thermite.

...Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Happy Bird-day to all. Thanks for giving us so much at which to laugh. Blooger.

To compensate for the dead turkey we are consuming today, I filled the bird feeders outside. There are a few quail out there, so maybe I'm just fattening up a Christmas dinner-to-be.

Gotta go strip & whip some 'taters. Yes, here, even mashed potatoes can be kinky.

Ralph, you need to dispose of some of that bile. Thanksgiving is not celebrating genocide. Reads Washington's initial proclamation of the holiday - it had ZERO to do with pilgrims and indians, it was about gratitude and paying faith-based tribute as a nation.
The screed you posted even says pilgrims did not come here for religious freedom, then describes they really wanted was a land they could absolutely rule and control with their own ideas of religion, morality, and law. In other words, religious freedom.

Dude, crack a beer, tear off a leg, and pop the top button on your jeans. Joins us, we're full of smiles 'round here.

Whether the story is apocryphal or not, I, for one, am VERY thankful that the tradition did not evolve in THIS direction.

Mashed potatoes and gravy? Yes, please.

It's simply a thankful day. For most of us.

Happy Thankspumpkinpie!

*breaks from cooking*

Happy TurWTFen!?!Day

<3you guys
(forgive me: nursec, AWBH 4 lame chicken soup jokes, hope i haven't offended anyone: i'm 'just a squirl, just a squuuuuiiirl'...
thx 2 mtb for keeping me on board...)

*returns to beer cooking...*

Siouxie, this morning on Today they showed a woman (a Major) out in Afghanistan and her husband at home with their two little kids (maybe 2 and 3 at the most). It's gotta be hard.

The cool thing was that the husband had a t-shirt made up for the little girl saying "Mom is My Hero."

And those of you out there who are husbands (you know who you are), remember that it's only common courtesy to offer to help with the Thanksgiving meal...

Happy Thanksgiving, you crazy guys and gals! I hope you and yours recover from the turkey/tofurkey coma in a reasonable amount of time...

*places a sweet potato cheesecake with pecan topping on the buffet*

Whut? I'm trying something other than pumpkin (not Punkin') this year...

Did I hear Sharkie say he's taking off his pants?? Pictures?? I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the Happy Turkey Day thing. But it's okay because y'all are the best. Steve, husbands are supposed to wash the dishes. djtonyb, I'll have a piece of that pie. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Now I've got to get ready to shop tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day!

*ducks before Nursecindy can smack*

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all.

*waves to djtony*

Sweet potato cheesecake certainly sounds...different. We're having carrot cake cheesecake from Junior's.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.

I'm looking for some Heidi Klum cheesecake, but am not likely to get it.

I would *SMACK* Renee but I'm saving up my strength for Black Friday. I think Loudmouth has had too much turkey and is hallucinating.


Step away from the fork, Loudmouth.

They're watching Some Like It Hot upstairs. Got a little Marilyn Monroe cheesecake with my cheesecake.

They're watching Some Like It Hot upstairs. Got a little Marilyn Monroe cheesecake with my cheesecake.

Typepox belched.

BTW, Bengals & the Jets, a great Elton John song.

I would type a comment, but my arms can no longer reach the keyboard. Burp. Happy Turkey Day one and all. And I miss Jack a lot. Dammit.

Happy Birthday, Bucky Dent!


I'm taking a break before dessert.

Is thankful for the California woman who went through airport security wearing a bikini. You go, girl!

we had cornish hens. i yam thankful we didnt all have to eat turkey. almost time for dessert. happy thanksgiving all me blogmates and of course, dave

HELLO?! (echo, echo, echo)

This year's Thanksgiving kitchen tip: do not drop your cell phone in the pot of simmering carrot soup. As reported by a friend who did this today, the soup may be OK, but don't count on the phone.

It's a little tradition of mine Cindy -- I drop trou and everyone gets offended, shrieks are heard, and then everyone clears the room. Makes for more food available for me.

I may have to try this myself at Christmas, Sharkie. I hope everyone on the blog is full, happy, and snug in their beds. Or standing at the stores safe, happy, and with credit card in hand. I'm going to bed. btw, I learned an important lesson. If you want to make your yellow lab angry at you put the Thanksgiving leftovers away without offering her a bite. She forgave me after a snack of stuffing and some mac and cheese.


excuse me If anyone needs me, I'll be rolling myself to bed.

I stand corrected. "The true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed."

Revisionist history, anyone?

Ralph, I thought Thanksgiving was the day the Indians and Pilgrims sat down together, ate turkey, watched some football, and then plotted their shopping strategy for Black Friday.

Ralph, the list of countries that have no form of violent strife in their history is zero -- because that means they have been conquered and no longer exist. I'm not sure the rationale of needing to foist guilt on people who did not perpetuate atrocities themselves, but hope you enjoyed yesterday anyway.

I'll join this discussion just as soon as I finish bloating.

i love thanksgiving! it is a great time of the year!

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