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November 27, 2010


Thousands attend turkey testicle festival

Organizers of the 28th annual Turkey Testicle Festival in Illinois said more than 1,000 pounds of fowl genitals were served to a crowd of about 4,000 people.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)

We saw Fowl Genitals open for Whitesnake.


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Well, you are what you eat...

Thursday's game on F*X showed a football player named
BALL. The announcers had a field day...with
lively commentary like the old George Carlin

But turkey testicle...just wrong...!!!!

I think they misspelled "foul".

You know how many of these things you'd have to eat to fill up? Come to think of it, one would probably do it for me. Maybe this is the start of the turkey testicle diet.

Balls deep-fried.

I bet there were "Ball's in the pocket. Ball's out of the pocket." jokes.

Fowl Genitals WBAGNFARB.

It's only a little over 200 miles from Huntley to Ball State University, home of the Cardinals. They could change their team names to the Turkey Testicles, which sounds much more aggressive.

Supposedly, the Ball State University Museum of Art has several pieces donated by the founders, which are labeled "Hung by the Balls."

You realize that this is the first genital story we've had this week that didn't involve the TSA, right?

As the great Vin Scully would say, if he attended this event:

"Fowl ball!"

Wingnut, I don't think I could eat enough to fill up, since I'd probably vomit each time I attempted to eat the first one.

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