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November 04, 2010


Edgar was seen in the 11/1 episode of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS!  He’s back!

Elizabeth Bettisworth


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He was in a bikini.

If he was on the new Hawaii Five-O, he wishes he were dead. It's Hawaii Twenty-4, but even more ridiculous.

He didn't get gassed this time--he was shot before the gas attack. I swear.

Edgar's probably the biggest co-star they could get

I don't know, sandy. Some of the Samoans they've had on have given him a run for the blubber his money.

Unless he was painted on a bikini bottom I did not see him, I have priorities when watching five o and CSI miami.

hafta look carefully, oldfatguy - i spotted him @ the world series. he was conan's blimp.

I spotted him here

and snork@Horace.

I had to stop watching the new "five-o" because
the show quality, for me, was "zer-o".

Jack Lord should be rolling in his grave.

Guess lots of folks never saw the original.

Guess what? Rumor has it CBS will be reviving Magnum P.I. but with Andy Dick in lead role.

Blaring out the original Five-O theme music while trumpeting for the marching band at halftime was a regular part of my high school Fall Saturdays.

bon, I presume that your band knew the, ahem, "alternate" lyrics?

Sanitized version:

I got a great big ******-**,
Reachin' out to there,
I got a great big ******-**,
It's in my un-der-wearrrr....

It gets less tasteful after that.

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