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November 15, 2010


Here's an old column about the time the Rock Bottom Remainders performed at the VIP party at the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A smallish portion of the Remainders -- including Scott Turow, Ridley Pearson, Kathi Goldmark and Sam Barry -- will be performing at the Miami Book Fair this Saturday at 6 p.m. Also on hand will be some special guests, including legendary South Florida radio dude Paul Castronovo, who's nervous because he doesn't know a lot of our songs, although I have assured him that we don't know a lot of our songs, either.


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Maybe Paul's nervous about learning RBR songs....and never getting over the experience.

I hope he has insurance.

insurance, ear plugs and a designated driver.

Tell Ridley I'm finally reading in Harm's Way, and it's just as good as the rest of them. :)

Have you told Mr. Castronovo that he may be required to drop his drawers and do the Bunny Hop during the song Short Shorts? You told Nils Lofgren he couldn't play so I think Ridley should have to tell Paul about this. If I were sitting somewhere and saw you, Ridley,and Stephen King sitting behind me I would faint. If that happens would all of you please sign your autographs and make sure it goes with me in the ambulance?

i don't think ridley was there... but i was ;) i think it's the best moment EVER from working with dave ;)

judi, did you see any good looking musicians to stalk follow? If Rod 'the bod' Stewart was there he would have to call the police to get me away from him.

you mean at the hall of fame thing? jackson browne was walking around. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Is Dave going to be participating in any geeky forums during the fair this year that we might see on that bastion of anti-insomnia, the Center for Speeding the Proliferation of All Narcolepsy (C-SPAN)?

nursecindy - Rod is too short for you. Roger McGuinn is my pick. Altho the rumors of him, me, and Siouxie are highly exaggerated...

coastraven: Not sure, but he's speaking at 10 a.m. on Saturday, with Willie Geist, so that would be when to look (or after that, perhaps). I'll post it next week if there's a link.

Annie, I'm only 5'3" so as long as he's taller than that he'll do. I've heard the rumors about you,Siouxie, and Roger McGuinn. Siouxie says, "They're twue! They're twue!" Apologies to Mel Brooks.

Roger McGuinn has got to be like 600 years old!

Sounds like OC Dolphin is jealous. For Judi. Roger McGuinn is 68 years old and looks wonderful!

Na, nc. Just offering a piece of friendly advise, that in your search for someone tall, to make sure the 6' doesn't refer to 6' under.

Bunny Hop in His Underwear WBAGNFARB, BTW.

I'm sorry to say I will be missing this grand event. Party on, RBR's ...party on. Paul is my all time fav morning talk show host - sings quite well too!

psssssssst Annie??? shhhhh!

That's what McGuinn wants you to think, Cindy. He's actually closer to 69.

Elon, 69 is okay. He still looks awfully good imho.

Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution
Rock and Roll will never die

Annie, Roger is like, for the Byrds!

I wonder if RBR would ever consider playing and/pr speaking at Comic-Con? It's next July, in San Diego, Ca.

Fun! Warm temps! The Left Coast!

Judi, there be sailors there!

siouxie, you're not coming?!? how come?!

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