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November 19, 2010


Today is World Toilet Day.

(Thanks to many people)


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I have done my "celebration" already this morning. I will, however, be "trumpeting" the news throughout the day.

Do we get to kill a low-flow toilet?
Twenty-one water cannon salute?

I did my part today too.

Flush for Peace (or whatever).

This is actually a really good cause.

Maybe today, in order to empathize with the plight of folks without toilets, we should all go squat behind a bush.

i like that Jeff, flush for peace. a good bumper sticker.

And in other World Toilet Day news..., stay out of Wales.

I'll be leaving the seat in the Salute Position all day in honor of this fine occasion.

Time for some bubbly.

"There used to be so much feces lying around before."

used to be? USED to be? obviously this lady doesn't have teenagers.

'Give a sh!t & Wipe out diarrheal diseases'

(are there be 'Fun Runs' for this?)

be ...didn't mean to sound ethnic

Fo' shizzle, Sandy.

Sandy, small correction ... "do there be ..."

Wonder if they will have a special honeypot to visit like we had overseas. today, 42 years later I can still smell those things. Don't know what was worse the diesel or the smell of them burning.

^5s punkin poo & skidmarkhh...you da sh!t

There's plenty of potty humor (±10 year-old level) at the link on the World Toilet Day page to the Adventures of Super Toilet

Sandy, small correction ... "do there be ..."

How 'bout doo-doo there be

They sound like a commodious group.

Counting on Craig Ferguson celebrating tonight...

Don't forget to put those lids down guys.

How can we celebrate when we haven't resolved this burning issue?

Burrito loaded. Prepare for fire in the hole. As you were soldier.

But I don't how are we supposed to celebrate this day..?

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