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November 27, 2010


A woman in Kulyab, southern Tajikistan, rocks her unibrow.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Pardon me, ma'am but there is a beatiful catapillar attacking your face.

Boulder Colorado is twinned with Dushanbe. Unibrows go well with Birkenstocks.

I wear Birkenstocks, Mot,and I don't have a unibrow. I did notice they didn't ask the men of this country if they thought it was attractive.

No offence implied Cindy. I'm sure you look good in your Birkenstocks:-)

Funny, but we always called ourselves "Monobrowists". I always just ran my razor up the middle of my forehead about once a week. I never knew it was a fashion statement.

'If you search for “unibrow,” Google will return about 200,000 results'

Google: The Unibrowser

Beauty is in the eyebrow of the beholder.

Interestingly, no follow up on cases of divorce where the husband's sole reason is "She faked her unibrow."

I wear Birkenstocks, too, with my Daisy Dukes. No unibrow, though.

Va va va voom! *waggles eyebrows*

Looks terrific on HER.

So the physiology would be eyebrow-nosebrow-eyebrow? Something like that?

They need matching mustaches.


I don't even want to know what a Brazilian costs this woman.

*snork* @ Meanie's pic!

I have a unibrow and I rock !

I have a Hobbit-style unibrow. If I don't shave it every two weeks, it gets in my eyes. Seriously.

Bet she has some stunning cave paintings.

Their men must not mind it too much. They keep reproducing. Kind of looks like a racing stripe.

All the boys in Tajikistan want to grow up and 'taches like their Mammas.

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