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November 26, 2010


A New York holding company was granted the trademark for "Daytona Beach Bike Week" for only $87.50, and has begun sending letters threatening to "take all legal actions to protect its rights" against Daytona Beach businesses that produce or sell merchandise with that name, according to a News-JournalOnline.com report.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Daytone Beach has a bike week? Don't they get run over by the race cars?

What happens next? Will FaceBook try to trademark the word "Face"?


Yeah, like you want to screw around with a couple of thousand big, sweaty, beer fueled bikers. Great business plan. The next step is to trademark Mafia La Cosa Nostra Enterprises and collect royalties for each pair of concrete overshoes.

Most definitely, David! Those chaps will certainly remove the spots from their tiffen and all that, whot?

I've met more than a few male Harley riders that you do not want to mess with. Bike week is huge in Darlington and at Myrtle Beach. Not to mention Daytona. Usually alcohol is involved.

(Quietly withdraws trademark applications for *snork*, ISIANMTU, WBAGNFARB, and OMGWTFBBQ.)

Just happened to be in a sporting goods store today that sells a lot of firearms. Found myself next to a large guy with a t-shirt from some motorcycle club. On the sleeve, in large capital letters, were the words F#CK OFF. I took it as a friendly warning that he wasn't interested in hearing that I was thinking of trademarking the phrase.

Trademarking would be a small part of your problem, Wingnut. Protecting the trademark, though, would be another thing altogether.

No comment.

Today, Daytona Beach; tomorrow, the Sun.

The problem of course is the cheese-d#ck lawyers do not have to face bikers. Process servers however, delivering their torts, will be the ones dealing with the wrath.

Martini: I think I may have applied for a trademark for the phrase "Cheese-d#ck", caused by a Cheetos (TM, used by permission, Nabisco, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear) induced overdose back in 1976.

You owe me a three martini lunch, and I'll drop all actions.

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