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November 30, 2010


Methane-Powered Laptops?

(Thanks to RussellMc, who says, "Honey, my laptop's going dead. Pull my finger, please.")


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Apple's new iStink.

I can feel a charge coming on.

To quote a favorite Britcom of the 1970s:

Methane? You're inthane."

*snork* @ punkin ;)


Finally! My cow will have internet access!

...butt can it handle Fecal Errors?

Great, now our high school can stop spending so much money making all the rooms laptop friendly. Of course, they won't be very people friendly.

Making the TSA line even more unbearable.

"...fuel cells that operate in the 300-500°C range... in... portable electronics...." It sounds like they will be hot items.

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