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November 18, 2010


Here's an interview I did with the great Florida writer and deviant personality Carl Hiaasen.


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In the text accompanying the interview, Carl's name is spelled "Hiaasen" and we are told this is correct. But caption underneath the picture reads "Carl Hiassen".


Is Dave's name really "Dave Baary"?

'two thumbs up' for radio dave! will this be a regular gig?

I love Carl Hiaasen! Next time give him a hug for me please, Dave and tell Carl to give you one from me also. His books are hilarious and his characters are wonderful. This was a funny, funny interview. Two of my favorite authors together. It doesn't get any better than that. I also liked the song Seminole Bingo a lot. I have a very difficult last name to spell so I can sympathize with him. Usually when people ask my last name I just start spelling it. One time I did this and the guy said "I know how to spell that but how do you spell Cindy?" He was right. He spelled my last name correctly. He started my first name with an 'S'.

Can't really blame him. There is only one way to spell Hiaasen, but Australians do spell your name Sidney. I think they might also be dyslexic.

Elon, you obviously mean "lysdexic".

Deviant personality?? I have to interview this guy!
If he's willing to make a trip to North Dakota, where his father wisely left!


Oh boy, more Skink.

Big radio break for His Blogness, yay! Big career uptick, huh?

I believe that just like Garrison Keillor, Dave has a face that was made for radio.

I love Hiaasen's books, and love that Skink. :-)

Steve, if you haven't read Hiaasen's latest yet, y'all will be happy to know it is Skink-intensive.

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