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November 29, 2010


Chicken sore after laying 4 inch egg

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Must have been one LOUD squawk for a few seconds there.

I'm sore just reading it. (thanks, Jeff M, for letting someone else submit something - >smooch<)

When a chicken can deliver a 9 lb. baby then we'll talk.

Great story. Pullet surprise-worthy.

I thought the same, cindy, especially after my mother called on my irthday and complained about how much hardship I caused her by weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz.

It's been a LONG time. Let it go already!


*first* to ask how big was the c0ck?

jeff was born on irthday? how invironmentally correct!

It may have been a LONG time, Jeff but you never forget. Trust me. I had 3 big babies. Sandy? The c**k involved in those was not that big iykwimaityd. Throws a "b" up to Jeff. Never let it be said I didn't give you something for your birthday.

First (okay, maybe not) to ask "Who came first?".

thanks, cindy, you sound cocksure about this...
now, what about his pecker?

Jeff, it wasn't your length she was complaining about, it was your irth.

NSherl, the irth matters just as much as the length.

sandy told me.

The hen didn't think it was a funny yolk.

Mtb? Evidently the rooster came first iykwim.

this calls for some (((*looks for annie*...))):

Chicken Soup Preparation H for the Chicken's Soul Hole

oh, & the width of the irth does matter, in relation to the size of uranus.

and adam came before eve teased

Nc - well, the rooster came first but it was the egg that got laid.

I may just be a dumb Kansas City boy, but my grandparents were farmers. I visited them and helped with farm chores on more than one occasion.

The egg, which has not been fertilized, is now destined for the dinner plate.

So explain to me how this egg occurred, if there was
no fertilization. If I recall Biology class correctly, one has to have a fertilization before an
egg can occur. Only a very few elite animals or reptiles can do that without a partner. On chickens,
it usually requires a rooster, who is often a fowl gigolo.

Guess the rooster shot a Blanc.

Bet she felt just loads better.
Have you ever noticed that people getting much needed relief from constipation sound remarkably like people in the throws of passion?
Both tend strongly toward religious expression; "Oh, G*D!"

If you think sex is a pain in the ass, you're doing it wrong . . .

Jus' sayin'.

funny man: You are thinking of parthenogenesis, which is the development of an unfertilized egg.

Neither chicken nor human eggs are fertilized before leaving the ovaries; they proceed through the internal plumbing and are either expelled (all bird eggs & unfertilized human ova) or when fertilized in humans, usually implanted in the uterus. Retail chicken eggs are unfertilized; most consumers don't like the "blood spot" in fertilized eggs.

I don't know why this egg was so big. I suspect fowl play.

There is a Julia Child-Jacques Pepin show where they attempt to make an omelet from an ostrich egg. It's a big sucker equivalent to about a dozen and a half chicken eggs. Pretty funny to see them put on safety glasses and Julia haul off with a hammer to crack it.

Big Bird is in a LOT of trouble.

I'll have bacon with my omelet, please.

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