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November 26, 2010


Moron Friday.


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Sounds like Darwin at work.

Jane Darwin. Sure, I know her.

Although as this article makes clear it was actually Moron Thursday Night.

Perhaps alcohol was involved?

No one objected when Jack wanted to go to the front at the toy store.

'Tis the season of love and peace.

There was a guy trampled in Buffalo.

God, I hate this time of year.

'Tis the season of love and peace.

There was a guy trampled in Buffalo.

God, I hate this time of year.

So, Loudmouth, how do you feel about this time of year?

I would loved to have seen her hauled away by the police. Good for them and I'm sure many were cheering as she was led away. I don't shop on Black Friday because I don't like crowds. Ever. I will happily pay more to be able to shop in peace instead of in pieces.

If she had threatened to shoot someone who cut in front of her, I'd have been slightly more sympathetic, but to first barge in front of everyone like she was more important, then to threaten them - yikes.

Speaking of shopping, when is the Dave Barry Gift Guide going to be posted? It's so helpful because you don't have to stand in line and threaten to shoot people to look at the items, no crowds, and many thoughtful and unusual gifts. I cannot do any shopping until I see it.

I learned something valuable the first time I did all my christmas shopping in 20 minutes on Amazon. Another time I went exclusively to small local shops and was done within an hour. There is absolutely no reason to participate in the madness.

I worked in retail management for 7 years. Every year, the idiots in the front office thought nothing of sending only a quantity of 4 of any of the items for their Moron Friday sales. Two minutes into the sale, the items were gone and then I would spend the rest of the 6 hours the sale lasted dealing with irate customers, explaining that there were no rain checks being issued. In those seven years, not once did I see any management from the home office walk into a store on that day to witness the insanity that they helped to create. I finally decided that I did not get paid enough to endure what was not in my control, and got out of retail. I have not stepped foot in a store on that day since.

Thanksgiving Thursday: "Thank you Lord, for everything we have."
The next morning: "I want more, and I want it NOW!"

It's kinda like this

One year I woke up in the middle of the night on Black Friday and decided I would experience this once. I went to Wal-Mart and counted over 180 people in line at 4 am to get some electronic piece of crap that went on sale at 6. The line kept growing and at 6 they started selling. Until all 30 were gone. No rain checks. And that, boys and girls, is why they no longer sell guns at most Wal-marts.

I prefer to go to the smaller, locally owned shops for some of my gifts. I know most of them and they really give great service and it helps them out so much. I participate in a co-op where I sell rosaries and jewelry that I make. I work a couple of days a week in the shop and they display and market my things. I've done pretty well with it and it's fun. I'm very big on supporting your local merchants if you can. Sometimes their selections are limited.

I hear you, Cindy. This year our one Christmas purchase is going to be a new flatscreen tv/blue ray dvd player. We will deal with our tiny, local, non-franchise electronics store, NOT bestbuy or walmart. I'd rather give my money to the guy down the street, thank you.

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