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November 26, 2010


Stolen Meerkat Dropped Off at Overland Park Pet Store

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"We didn't think anybody was stupid enough to steal a zoo animal," Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff said. "Meerkats are wild little animals, too and they've got sharp teeth and they can bite like the dickens."

Never underestimate the stupidity of drunken morons.

We wouldalso greatly appreciate the swift return of our hippopotamus. No questions asked.

Any chance these things eat rats? I know where I can get you one heck of a deal.
NC, if you have to choose between a snake or a meerkat in the backyard, I suggest you take the snake.

Come on, tell us how you REALLY feel about the thief.

This is EXACTLY what's wrong with zoo's today.
And it also highlights what's wrong with our MEDIA!!!

Animals and sometimes people go missing from zoos, yet they don't report it!

And how exactly would one "steal" a zoo animal? Methinks it must have been an inside-or outside--job
by an ex-employee.

In the movie Curious George 2, George stole a baby
elephant!! No wonder kids today get the idea that it's okay to steal! George wasn't arrested, yelled at or even punished. He continued to live his "controversial" lifestyle with the Man In the Yellow Hat. The MITYH takes animal lover "to a whole new level!"

When will Congress address these issues? And exactly
who teaches our media "reporters" and personalities today?

"Isolated they can start to panic, become hysterical, bite, defecate, urinate,"

Sorta like Charlie Sheen.

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