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November 30, 2010


Texans Fan Jailed After Attack On Police Horse

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That's not me.

Third time's the charm for this guy?

Mongo lives! http://bit.ly/gbun3j

Whatta horse's ass.

He soooo deserved to be kicked. Or trampled. Or bit.

Jeffrey Paul Siebert, 30, of South Rice, was quickly arrested on a charge of interference with a police service animal.

Sounds sexual to me.

I bet alcohol was involved.

must have been a cowboy fan.

Sometimes I really am embarrassed to be from my state of Texas where the motto is, "Hey, hold my beer and watch this!" Causing arrest by the local constabulary to which the proper response is, "Aw, come on, I was just kidding," with a shitfaced grin.

Hold my beer and watch this, Annie!

Hold my beer and pull on my thumb.

Pull my Haflinger.

Aw, shucks, officer, I was just funnin' witcha. But we WON ANOTHER GAME! The Texans by God WON ANOTHER GAME! That's . . . that's, that's a WINNING STREAK!! We've never won games in a ROW before! Why, it's almost like having the Oilers back with Kenny Stabler and Mike Renfro! We might just make it to the playoffs before we choke. This could be a real Christmas Miracle.

Or it could be like the Oilers with Warren Moon. Against the Bills.

Wait, lemee see if I got this right.

Mr. Ed asked that police arrest the man because the man violently punched Ed in the ass?

Sounds like illegal horseplay.

As a former police officer, with the Mounted Police, but not mounted myself, I have this indescribable urge to smite this jerk in the mouth with a two-hander.

Similar to what I did when this other jerk stabbed our police dog (fortunately not fatally). Suffice to say, I doubt that he ever approached another police dog again...after I was finished with him, he was the only one who was whimpering...arrrrghhhh

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