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November 26, 2010


Warner Bros. has trademarked "Quidditch" lingerie

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I really want to copyright the word "trademark" and all variations on it.

Because nothing says "I'm gonna score tonight" like finding out that hot chick you're chasing has a pair of Harry Potter panties with the matching Hermione bra.

I need to speed up production on my line of Quidditch lollipops, umbrellas, parachutes, car decals, and tattoos before the WB lawyers amend their list again.

I hope they have a size that can fit me - I have a larger wand than most.

*snork* at Sharkie's fantasy life

Needless to say Quidditch Lingerie WBAGNFARB.

Quidditch lingerie: the perfect place to hide one's Snitch.

Sounds like Warner Bros. would have slapped their trademark on Emma Watson's derriere, if they thought they could get away with it...


I'm still sad that they recalled the vibrating Quidditch brooms. I was gonna get another one for Siouxie (she broke hers).

but that's not all we can expect as potter fans age...

"Has your Bludger turned into more of a Quaffle?

After romance, does all she say is '100 points from Gryffindor.'?

Then our patented* (in Nauru, Brunei and the Cameroons) lotion will get the 'Hogwarts Express'
up to 'Platform 9 3/4', if you know what we mean!

(and if you do, we truly feel sorry for your partner.)

Didn't see anything Catalan Harry Potter doing a quidditch in the woods figurines.

Homer's pig violated both the Spider-Man (Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a Spider-Pig does) and Harry Potter (Harry Plopper with lightning bolt scar) trademarks.

I don't know if they actually want to sell quiddich underwear, or if the just want to prevent anyone else from doing so.

IMO, anyone who can name all of the Beatles by first and last name has no business wearing Harry Potter undies.

Wingnut, if it's good enough for Harry it's good enough for me...

[Warning! Possible spoiler alert!]

I dunno, but I'm thinking that my wife wouldn't want to wear lingerie with the word "itch" in the name.

Swear to God, the only Harry Potter movie I saw was the very first one. Somehow my wife is sending this stuff to me through osmosis while I'm sleeping. Now I know why I've been helping around the house lately. Gotta get my own room.

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