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November 26, 2010


If this isn't tasteless enough for you, there's always this.

(Thanks to catmanmax and Jeff Meyerson)


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I am not Thankful for the second link.

I suppose now I'm going to have to return my calendars. Just when I thought my shopping was done. Thanks Dave.

It's been done. See Amazon.
"Flattened Fauna: A Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets and Highways"

Hey, Cheese, would you rather have Justin Bieber?

I'll be sticking with the traditional over-endowed and under-clothed babe calendars. Call me sentimental.

How come you put two of the same calendars up?

As a long-time listener, first-time caller, I have learned (thru Dave's extensive aversion therapy) NEVER to click the second linky!!!

Now you tell us, Punkin!

yes, the 'hover over each link' strategy has been defeated!
technology marches on...

It's getting to the point that you can't trust anyone anymore, even the British press.

I hate you, Dave Barry.


I'll be throwing up the rest of my turkey!!! Thanks!

I hate you even more, Annie!

They didn't mention whether there are any of the prized Double Roadkill pictures. I refer, of course, to the vulture who died in the process of cleaning up the first roadkill.

*rubs Quidditch vibrating broom off gift list for Siouxie*
If you're gonna piss people off, do it right before Christmas. That way you save on your gift-giving.

How come you put two of the same calendars up?

Snap-On 3D, mikey.

A recipe calendar. Mmmm that's good eatin'.

Which one, Loudmouth?

I was thinking of buying this calendar. Warning! Sexy picture on calendar.

I wonder if Barry posts links to Dave's calendar.

I'm getting these for everyone on my list.

Does it really matter Jeff. Throw a pressed possum on the barbie. Treat the love of your life to a romantic dinner and night of passion. Flat game does that to women.

Damn, I was just at the store and I forgot to get some Roadkill Helper...

The calendar is for people not nerdy enough to be interested in the statistics or the maps.

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