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November 28, 2010


Time Warner Cable officials apologized Tuesday after they mistakenly showed Playboy preview programming on two children's channels.

(Thanks to James in NC)


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Darn, and I missed it.

"C is for ******, that's good enough for me!"

"One of these things is not like the others..."

Who needs a public school education when you've got cable?

Well, if this is what it takes to get Katy Perry back on Sesame Street, then I'm all for it.

As the former President would have put it, "Hey, our children IS learning!"

What will Dora explore today?

"mommy, i thought it was called 'Hello Kitty..."

Oddly there were no complaints until the Playboy programming ended.

Mommy, look what she's doing with that Mousekatool!

*snork* at sandy.

"Sesame Street is sponsored today by TSA....and viewers like you. Yeah, you."

Meep! *faint*

"hey, those aren't the people in my neighborhood!"

Veggie Tail-chasers. Charlie Cuke gets covered.

If I'm not mistaken this is not the first time that Time Warner has done this. I'm beginning to think they are trying to drum up business!

This merely provides an example of the standard of excellence used by TW in their hiring protocols ... IOW, the old 'pooter adage of GIGO still applies @ Times offices ...

In the old days we could borrow a Playboy from the stash Dad had hidden somewhere. Since print media is almost dead I suspect this is merely a ploy to get the kids started. Lord knows they get almost no exposure to sex anywhere else.

Hey look... Big birds !

Dave, times are tough for everyone. It may well be Miss Piggy.

It might not have been Miss Piggy...but it could have been Ron Jeremy....

Von! Two!! - Two CENSOREDies, ah-ah-ahhh!

'...threesome, fourplay, five, sex,'...."MOM!??!?!!"

'Brought to you today by the Letter X...'

Oscar?? You're .... smiling?

The kiddies got a little extra education.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fo' shizzle.

The staff at Sesame Street announced the sudden and untimely deaths of two of their most beloved characters, Messrs. Toby Statler and Conrad Waldorf today. Preliminary evaluations did not indicate a definitive cause of death in either case, however, unspecified personnel who were with both gentlemen at the time did state that both appeared to be making a "thumbs-up" gesture immediately before expiring.

..... but, that's not important right now.


Maybe this was part of the WiliLeaks flood? Was Mr Winky with Miss Piggy? http://bit.ly/dK6Cwx

Wow, Meanie, that's terrible. He was Candadian?

ugh...*smacks 'd' from post*

OK, it could have been written better, but it wasn't terri... oh, oh, you meant about Nielsen!

Yeah, truly sad. He was a class act and a great comedian.

I just heard about Leslie Nielsen. He was so funny and will be missed.

Annie, at least none of Meanie's participles are dangling. (and he can probably spell the word Canadian)

RIP Leslie "Don't Call Me Shirley" Nielsen. As a geezer I remember him back as Disney's The Swamp Fox as well as in Forbidden Planet, before he was funny.

On the other hand, I can't understand why this didn't make it.


This happened in March. I'm sure by now emotional damages are being paid and the TV movie has already come out.

RIP Mr. Neilsen. Surely, you will be missed. And I'm not calling you Shirley.

Another perspective on Leslie Nielsen.

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