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November 27, 2010


What they really want is this.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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cindy, are you on the video? Because if so, I'd buy it.

I admit to having done some minor self-surgery in the past, but nothing involving sewing myself up. Removing stitches, sure, who hasn't?
A real American man will wait three days after severing his leg in an accident before going to the doctor.
You never know that it might not grow back on its own.

If I had one of these 30 years ago I could have saved myself a bunch of trips to the ER. Of course I'd be missing out on the hot nurses. Short skirts, busoms bursting out of their uniforms. I feel a laceration coming on right now.

Exactly what kind of ER were you going to, Wingut? What surprised me is I found this in the toy section of Amazon. I'm not in the video, Jeff but I have found that when I wear my 'whites' (dress, hose,etc) my male patients always claim to feel a lot better for some reason.

Suture self, but I prefer getting stitched by someone with a lot more practice. I have enough trouble sewing a button on a shirt.

A good Christmas gift. Too funny.

These comments are leaving me in stitches.

Cut it out, guys! ;)

No reviews on Amazon yet?
Surely this could become the next "The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee".

Or just go with this and be a man.

I gave those to the kids last year, Loudmouth. I have a feeling the posts on this link are about all sewed up. Get it? Sewed up! Guess who had a glass of pre-Christmas Cheer? I figured I deserved it since we are experiencing artic like weather. It's only 34 degrees here.

Ni of little girl precious is holding coin, that ice-cream inn that went to a corner, what she thinks it is the cheapest to buy only is sweet canister!

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