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November 22, 2010


We are truly thankful that The Blog is not cooking our Thanksgiving dinner.


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*Wonders if Dave might have been the inspiration behind THIS.*

I wanted to have a baseball fundraiser that involved setting up turkey deep fryers near the local fire department. Folks could fry their own, a designated driver could be provided upon request, and no one would get hurt.

Others could claim they deep fried it themselves, when in reality it was the firemen who put the pre-fried bird in a bag for the folks to use.

I'm still hoping that someone tries to combine deep frying and the BBQ to achieve a flash over and a jet-propelled turkey flying across the backyard.

That opening sentence .. whatta hook!

Seriously, happy grope-free Thanksgiving to y'all.

Leftovers already?


Bunch of tryptophanatics.

Stuffing or dressing?

Drumstick Assault WBAGNFA RBR's opening act.

Deep-fried Thanksgivings aren't dangerous. But like any other holiday, you just have to know what to wear.

Dave, you misquoted the song. The second line is, "The whores know the way to pull the sleigh..." I never did understand that part. Miniskirts, tube tops and stiletto heels strike me as a pretty strange thing pulling a sleigh, but who knows, grandpa may be into that sort of thing.

psst, Elmo - 'pulling the sleigh' is a euphemism.

Happy Thanksgiving to most!

Deep-fried turkey is the best! Of course, I make sure to keep my own precious self and my glass of wine far away from the fryer.

bonmot, the correct answer is dressing. Deep fried turkey is good but I wouldn't do it myself for any amount of money. That's why I have a nice, competent male neighbor who does it for me.

Hey, one could always play it safe and feast on tofu turkey. Wait for it...wait for it.........NOT!!!!

In the spirit of the holiday, "Feliz Navidad!" Mainly because I don't know how to say Happy Thanksgiving.

They are already playing Christmas music on the radio. In fact they played Moriah Carey's "I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas" TWICE in 30 minutes. It's going to be a long holiday season.

Feliz Dia De Accion De Gracias!

My 17 year old son came home from a yard sale this summer with a turkey fryer, burner, pot, the whole shootin' match. What could go wrong?

Muchas gracias.

Y Feliz Navidad, anyway.


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