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November 29, 2010


The Attack-Otter State

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Florida - Even Our Otters are Bat-Sh!t Crazy

Today on the blog: Otters and beavers and chickens oh my! I'm beginning to think this weirdness magnet idea that Dave has is not a myth. Evidently it also works on animals.

yes, cindy, even animals love their weiners schnitzeled

Hmmph! At least our beavers are well behaved.

at least it otter set us at ease that ex-president david allstate palmer assured us we're in good hands

Siouxie, that's not what I've read!

There otter be a law . . .

What a diva.

We should work with them and begin an Otter-Man empire. It worked before.

Why I otter...

You betcha, LeDud. The Otter-mans had a leg up on everyone.

Florida, a state like no otter.

The Otter Pilot. Another tribute to Leslie Neilsen.

Maybe they have Mad SeaCow Disease.

I doubt it is rabid; otters can be ornery like any other member of the weasel family. I knew a woman in her 80's who was bitten by an otter while swimming in a lake. The idea amused her, and gave her a great topic of conversation.

Otters would probably prefer to attack beavers. They taste better.

If they were videoing YOU in YOUR home, wouldn't you bite them? You otter.

Why is nobody saying the obvious? Rabid Otter - GNFARB

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