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November 30, 2010


Student finds snake slithering in schoolbag


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Is the Darwin school a division of Hogwarts?

Did the snake bring an apple for the teacher?

Me thinks Anna Henderson needs a refresher course in grammar: A Darwin school student received an unexpected shock yesterday when they opened their schoolbag to retrieve their lunch only to discover a snake slithering inside.

Jeff, maybe the student had multiple personalities.

What? Can't a snake seek an education?

Here's a little newsflash for the people of Darwin. When you've got so many snakes that they are crawling in your kids school bags it might be time to move.

Tastes like chicken

Had this been geometry class, and the snake fell out of the backpack to the floor, it would have been "Snakes on the plane". Get it ? (Probably needs more work.)

Some moms put little notes in your (our?) lunchbag and then some moms do this. Next time when she tells him to clean his room he will do it.

Adder boy!

You provided a valuable service to the community. Thank you for doing such a
great job all these years.

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