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November 30, 2010


A 25-year-old Sheboygan man was charged Monday after allegedly firing a handgun into the floor of his upstairs apartment unit while seated on his toilet, sending a bullet into an occupied downstairs apartment.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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carrying a concealed weapon

How concealed could his weapon have been if he was sitting on the toilet?

It had to be Sheboygan. Or she-boy-gun?

crap shot

Ex Lax works just as well and won't get you in trouble with the law. If that was his problem and he was trying to scare it out of himself.

what a maroon.

Well, there was no Lysol in there, and he was out of matches, and he figured the cordite would cover the smell. It's the polite thing to do. In Sheboygan, anyway.

I'll bet he's single, ladies . . .

We all know guys like shootin' sh1t.

According to a criminal complaint, Sippel told Sheboygan police that he’d been sitting on the toilet late Saturday night “playing with his gun,”

And which of us can say he hasn't done the same?

Anyone? Bueller?

This is why I keep a stack of Dave Barry books nearby in the bathroom. If you get bored you can distract yourself with a column or two, without even having to fire a gun once... ;)

I've never done that, Jeff.

BTW, pronunciation note: The "e" in Sheboygan is silent. It's pronounced "shBOYgan."

And those are bubblers, not "water fountains."

No way the guy downstairs will ever complain about his noisy upstairs neighbor.

Life's a crap shoot.

Maybe he just needed some air. Quickly.

Scared the sh!t out of the guy downstairs. A double dump.

There he sat, prob'ly forgot.
Tried to sh!t, butt only shot.

Padraig, does Prange's still exist? Maybe he was down by Prange's, an suh??

Cooter, I believe all the Prange's got bought up, by Marshall Field's maybe?

We still got plenty of Wal-marts.

Who does number 2 work for?!?
You have to show that turd who's boss

Most people just use a plunger.

Maybe he still has some unresolved potty training issues

It's Sylar (from NBC's Heroes)!!!

I wondered what he has been up to since the show vanished.

Note to self:
Million dollar idea...
place image of Pelosi, Reid and other highly admirable diggletaries on doggie poop bags. Photoshop mouth open at proper location. Market them under the brand name - DC doo-doo bags. Tag: "We don't take sh!t from you. Just your dog."

cindy, you're not a guy. I thought that part was implicit.

Very true, Jeff. Forgive the tears. They're showing the Folgers coffee commercial again where they guy comes home from some place like Africa. It makes me cry everytime. It is also probably the reason I bought an industrial sized can of Folgers at the grocery store this week.

Stoked & toked playing with a gun he's not even supposed to have much less PLAYING WITH A GUN. Oh, where for art thou Darwin and thy buddy Murphy when we need thee.

Premature discharge. They have meds for that now.

*borrows Wisconsin moron's gun and goes after spammer*

"Oh Mr. NFL H@t man..."

"Shhhh. We're hunting spammews."

In his defense, he had learned that the neighbor was behind the NFL hats spam he was getting night and day.

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