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November 26, 2010


Seven pregnant goats stolen from farm

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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With six you get eggroll, but with seven...?

So that's what it took to get Bill Petersen back.

There is nothing lower than a goat rustler.

Especially a pregnant goat rustler, Arctic.

Or do I mean a rustler of pregnant goats?

Of course, the rustler of pregnant goats could have been pregnant too.

Those damn Saskatoon Rastafarians.

"Those damn Saskatoon Rastafarians."

And if that's not a great NFARB!

"Your Kung Fu is weak, pitiful human!"


This is how the anti-North American peoples of the world intend to take us down. One goat at a time. Or six when they get on a roll.

It must be chupacabras.

Ralph's got it.

Did anybody get caught for this? It is really a shameful act to steal them for just eating.

"Seven pregnant goats, sitting in the back seat,
All of them in love with Dave..."

Take it, cindy.


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