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November 15, 2010


"I wish Edgar wasn't dead."

(Thanks to Virgil)


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We all wish Edgar wasn't dead.

As do we all, Chloe. As do we all.

Say it with me:


I keep telling you people Edgar is not dead, I saw him on another show a while back. Also in case you did not know, David Palmer is alive also. He is in hiding doing commercials for some insurance company. sheesh

Mayhem, I tell you, It is all mayhem.

I'll never forget that final scene of edgar, standing outside the glass door, saying '...Cwowie...'


["I'd like President Palmer to come back, I think a lot of people liked him. I wish Michelle Dessler wasn't dead, I wish Edgar wasn't dead."

I know DeskDiva joins with me (and Meanie, obviously) in saying BRING BACK MARWAN!

And don't forget Kumar.

We're going to need a bigger perimeter.


I wish 24 wasn't dead.

I agree with NotSherly.

If Edgar was still alive, what would Siouxie say?

That should be "I wish Edgar weren't dead."

Subjunctive tense, please, or you may be shot in the thigh. Don't let the terrorists tunnel into the merkin language.

I thought Jack killed all the writers and actors when they got canceled?

Edgar was just a classic I couldn't believe they killed him off. When he was locked outside and the gas got to him I nearly cried.

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