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November 27, 2010


Subsidy Increasing On Problem Beavers

(Thanks to an alert Canadian reader)


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Flooding is not such a problem around here unless they stop up the toilet.

CJOB? That sounds dirty enough without the beaver catching welfare.

I'm sooooo naming my new band "Problem Beavers".

We took care of this a long time ago in the US. Daddy sends the problem beaver to college and she learns to trap a mate and moves away.

The price paid for beaver pelts is so low now that it doesn't pay to trap them without a subsidy. Due to negative publicity, nobody wants to be seen with a hairy beaver any more. Shaved beavers, on the other hand, are still popular, but harder to trap.

For a country that was explored largely because of the beaver trade, the merkin way is not what it used to be.

I've subsidized a few problem beavers in my time.

Oh well, Ralph, anyone who would pick their beavers based on what kind of publicity they would get wouldn't be the kind beavers would hang out with anyway. Problem solved.

I hear that they're good eating!

"Subsidy" = Canadian for "bounty."

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