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November 30, 2010


Sort of.


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All you need is a slight alteration changing the woman's weapon from a Tonka Truck to a 38 Special and you're ready to go for Christmas 2010.

Kinda makes changing out your disk brake pads a snap, doesn't it?

Christmas in the Barry house
(not so) Many years ago...
Thanks for the memories, Dave,
...but, i wonder, did you know...

Did Santa then tell you -
"Forget your yule log:
Your future looks bright!
'Cause, Barry, You'll 'Blog'!"

"I can see in the future!
Butt some things are blurred...
(What's this?? Your groin????
Ooops! An 'error' occured...")

"Friends, you'll have many,
You'll 'Tweet'! and you'll 'Post'!
Butt your fans 'on the blog'
Will be *snork*ing the most."

So Have Joy this festive season!
With many, keep sharing.
When we 'bloggers' keep 'posting'
It's our way of caring.

And an EXTRA Merry Christmas to you, Sandy!

*applauds sandy*

I convert to Judaism every year around this time.

A festive yule *snork* to sandy.

*snork* @ sandy! Good job, gurl!

This classic brings a tear to my eye...*snif* sooooo true. Chocolatinis anyone??

Brilliant Dave, as always.

Once, I watched my brother set up a domino puzzle on Christmas Eve... it took him four hours...and right before morning, he of course, hit the first one by accident, and it all came down.

Santa was no help at all, but she had a good laugh.

I remember one Christmas when my son wanted a model car. We bought it and my husband, who glued his fingers together a couple of times, finally got it together right before our kids woke up. My son ran to the car, picked it up, and then drove it right into the wall where it immediately broke into a million pieces. Good times.

lol, nursecindy. Early one Christmas morning I watched my dad put together a dollhouse for me. When he was done, I asked him why he had put the 2nd story floor in upside down. Woulda said something earlier, but I was too polite to interrupt. ;)

Great article/poem!

judi tried to repost this (it made the RSS feed). She will of course be fired.

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