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November 29, 2010


...along with a change of underwear.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Did someone suspend the laws of physics?

If it was anywhere buy China I would assume it was a Christmas shopper who couldn't find anywhere else to park.

anywhere BUT China. Fingers are frozen from hanging lights.

That step off the truck musta been a doozy!

I can understand why the driver wouldn't want to climb out of the cab. As long as he's sitting there, he's earning overtime pay.

"You have to climb out of the truck."
"Why not?"

The parking ticket was the final insult.

Absolutely, padraig! What was going to catch him when he climbed out of the truck?

Found another photo here. Just knew there had to be more to that truck.

OK you slaves, take a break. The coal has been delayed.

Meanie I thought there had to more to that truck also. I still wouldn't have climbed out of the cab though.

He's thanking his dashboard Buddha about now.

He'd have landed on something soft.

"Lucky Truckers" ... I think I saw them open for Slim Whitman back in the 60s ...

Send in the TV crew.

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