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November 01, 2010

Älä koskaan unohda

Oikeutta Kimmo Wilksa.



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Esimiehet ottivat minuun yhteyttä, indeed.

Kuka? Edgar?

I tried goOgle's translator on the page. So ended 25 years of career.

I guess all his boss could say to him was "You're Finnished. Don't like it? So Suomi!"

"Wilska previous news lightening, elf hat, went to throw through Christmas 2009. Wilskalla that time was, admittedly, a boon superior about it."

Understandable. Who wouldn't be boon superior, particularly after a cold one or five?

I agree with whatever they all said. Or maybe not.

I couldn't say it any better myself.

That tie looks even uglier the second time around.

Scroll down to the link about the chicks that do the topless haircuts. Might be some connection to the guy with the gun going off in his pants.

Scroll down to 2nd photo: so now Kimmo is 'Mr. Hanky'??

Nevärr vörgett!

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