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October 28, 2010


Here are the results.


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Gotta say I disagree with "Drive" and "Radar Love".

Congrats on the mention, Dave, for the song 'Beep Beep'. I looked the lyrics up for this song and they really don't make any sense do they? However, the site did offer to send the song to my cellphone as a ring tone. I declined.

yeah i like "drive" and "dead skunk".

That annoying rap song vibrating the cars all around in traffic up to distances of seventeen blocks down the street. And anything by Spandau Ballet.

Guys? It is also a very bad idea to play the song "You're Having My Baby" when driving your pregnant wife to the hospital. In fact it's a bad idea to ever play this song.

Umm, they DO understand that the song "Drive My Car" was not actually about driving cars, right?

Radar Love? Really? Hmmpf...

*replaces Radar Love on the list with Autobahn by Kraftwerk*

I voted for Dead Skunk .. ha!

Kudos to Dave for getting mentioned on this Survey Report!!

". “Drive My Car” by the Beatles. “An awful, annoying song from the best rock group ever,” said a Dave Barry Blog commenter. “Bad lyrics, bad harmony, plodding beat. Did they phone this one in?”

Them's fightin' words!

*looks around for Siouxie's machete, but this is Minnesota, so makes do with filet knife.*

After reading 10 and 9 I had to suspect Radar Love was going to make the list. I think the problem is that many voters made the mistake of evaluating the lyrics, when of course in reality the lyrics are the last thing you notice about the song. In fact, if you take out the verses and replace them with an extension of The Greatest Drum Solo Ever you'd have a strong candidate for Best Song Ever.

Yeah, fivv, I put in an anti-plug for Autobahn, too.

But, on the other hand, if you were to stick Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the stereo, you must by law stop everything and put the key in the ignition and go somewhere.

Meanie, if you listen to Foggy Mountain Breakdown you must be waiting for AAA.

that was "when the bullet hits the bone" wasn't it? and "dead skunk" is just good annoy-your-sister fun. and i thought i heard some one dissin' kraftwerk, who was it that wanted that cyber fart?


there you go. pick it up at your leisure.

Meanie....abso-freakin'-lutely! Somewhere; ANYwhere; and if the sound of my own wheels drives me crazy, just more fun!

Neil Diamond is the dude who thinks chairs talk? Not really surprised he won.

Git yer car keys......

I believe Dave once said that if you get pulled over while listening to 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' by law the Highway Patrolman should be required to dance with you. I agree.

Now mud, I wasn't dissing Kraftwerk. It's just that Autobahn is a terrible driving song. If the list had been 'Best Songs to Induce a Coma', Autobahn would have been right at the top!

Jesus take the wheel happens south of Cincinnati on a snowy Christmas Eve Friday Night. Not exactly as universal an experience as they could have had.

fivver: if by "induce a coma" you mean "listen to at high volume at 1:00 AM after consuming powerful doses of various hallucinogens" then i agree.

Gentle-mud .. Gentle-fivver .. Please, guys. Just calm down, take a couple of these, and sit in the middle of the geezer bus until you cool off.

Hey Loudmouth, no fair sticking me on the geezer bus! I'm only 35!

(It's really my dad who listens to FMB, but sometimes I listen along . . . )

@Tash @ 1:03 - a bunch of us agreed that the Beatles blew spotted dick on that song. I was proud of the brave bloggers who did so, knowing full well that soooo many people blindly worship the beatles.

WTFBBQ messing with Brooks & Dunn? And just a quote from the song is enough to bash it? Nuff said, 'cuz it's country? Some people got no brungin' up.....grrr...

"Dead Skunk" is a GREAT drivin' song ...

Tho, p'haps, not as great as "Put another log on the fire" ...

(No, we did NOT have either of those @ our wedding ... that wuz before either of 'em wuz wrote ... )

and ... LOLLERLOLLERLOLLER @ n'cindy, r.e. "baby" song ...

I kinda liked "Radar Love", and I like "Drive". I kinda gotta agree with their take on "Jesus, take the wheel" though. I'm sure I'm being too literal, but I always think that God expects us to at least try to take care of ourselves. Also, that song always makes me teary.

Hadn't seen the video for this Weird Al song before, but loved it!

My favorite driving song is 'Bad Moon Rising' by CCR. However I've never understood the lyrics.
Don't go out tonight
Your bound to get a fright.
But there's a bathroom on the right.
At least that's the way I understand and sing them.

I meant to mention above that my favorite driving song this time of year is Zevon Warren's "Werewolves Of London" AAAHOOOO!! "Monster Mash" is a close second. I don't know the words to either one of those either.

While there are some songs on the list that are bad, I think the general consensus is this is possibly the worst "10 worst" list many of us have ever seen.

Agreed. Again, "Radar Love" one of the ten worst? Not even close.

On the other hand, Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" is one of my favorite driving songs. So is Rush's "Red Barchetta."

"Take it Easy" ... obvious choice for Best Drivin' song, ever ...

Accordin' to the personal playlist of Moi Ownself, of course ...

The worst road song is the one playing on the way to visit the in-laws.

No mention of Warm Leatherette?

Take II: No mention of Warm Leatherette?

I know it's rude to dredge this thread back up from the dead (hey, that rymes. New song lyric maybe?) but I simply had to---- because everybody else responding forgot about "Convoy" by C.W. McCall and "Last kiss" by... I forget who, but they're of the same wimpy category as Little Jimmy Osmond, Donnie Osmond, Justin Beiber, etc.

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