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October 30, 2010


Activists push to arm 14,000 delis with legal guns

(Thanks to David Rogers)


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It was nice of the NY Post to print the name and address of the deli where the the guy said he could never shoot anyone.

Two words: kevlar doughnuts.

Right. I thought that was extremely helpful, almost as much as the facebook postings like "I am off on my trip to Canada. The key is under the mat and the fridge is fully stocked."

I, too, could never shoot anyone, even a robber.

*scoots Beretta under couch*
Blink, blink....what?

I hear annie makes a mean 'Pumpkin Soup'...

Armed and haggling.

No sub for you *BLAM!!*

I couldn't shoot anyone either, Annie. I don't own a gun. Yet.

No, Siouxie, but on the other hand you have more machetes than Danny Trejo.

Even with a gun added to your collection, I'd think getting shot would be the last thing anybody breaking into your house should worry about...


You're Cuban, Siouxie. You could kill a guy just by raising an eyebrow.

Hey, waitaminnit--why hasn't Hammond Rye commented on the deli story, hmm?!?...

I kind of like the idea of arming law librarians.

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