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October 23, 2010


Man charged with assault with sandwich in Dover

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Typical shoddy journalism, doesn't even mention what kind of sandwich it was.

Flying Sandwich Assault WBAGNFARB.

Submachine gun, kjp?

Assault with a deli weapon.

It was the extra sauerkraut that tipped the balance.

Nothing bugs me more than to get in line behind some idiot who is chatting away on a cell phone. If I had been the clerk he threw the sandwich at I would have inserted it and the cell phone in an unmentionable place.

Self important jackass. Looks like it was the probably special bacon, lard & tomato sandwich. I'd like to take a club to him.

*Snork! @SW* Did she not have a counter-weapon?

adds my *snork* @ stevie!

Obviously a club sandwich.

Good to be back, friends. ;-) Try the veal. Sandwich.

Except being in a movie theater with people that can't walk outside to answer their phone or texts. It's okay to turn it off for an hour and a half.

^reply to nursecindy

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