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October 20, 2010


The report states deputies later found Ho Ho's hidden in Matyises' pants.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Allen at Division)


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Ho-ho in the hu-hu! *snort*

If it had been Twinkies I could understand it, but Ho Hos?

Bwahaha. Chocolate covered logs. Er...are you sure?

hey who you callin a ho?

Chocolate in your pants might get ladies interested in unzipping them...

Allen, at my age that is about the only thing that would work.

Petit Theft? Did he have some Petit Fours in there as well? Maybe they meant 'Petty Theft'?

Right there with you nc. GMTA.

What a Ding Dong.

What!? No Sno-Balls???

As a toddler, his favorite word was "NO!". And he never got over that stage.

he was charged with 'petit' theft?

a ho-ho a ding dong and maybe a cruller
sugary pastries to make my pants fuller
whether i eat them or shove them below
they cause my ass's appearance to grow
i honestly can't tell you what i was thinking
cheeto's? my god, what the hell was i drinking?
last time i got those i was made a joke's butt
you know, orange winky, the cheeto's and smut
so tonight it appears that i'll bunk at the graybar
at least they didn't find my ensconced milky-way bar

Ho-Ho pants: Santa's yule log

Sweet, mud ;)

I guess his Hostess wasn't around.

Pinin' for Lil Debbie . . .

Some thieves have better taste.

Is that a Ho-Ho in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?

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