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October 25, 2010


WTF causing commotion in Wakefield

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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Having sloved all the other problems of the world, etc. etc. ...



UPDATE: Team Fundraiser Announced -

Wakefield Track & Field BBQ this wknd

^ For more info contact Mr. Jeffrey Meyerson

Maybe annie can bring some 'Chicken Soup for the WTFBBQ'...


i'll stop now

Support Women's Track.
Date a fast lady.


Know the difference between the ladies' track team and a band of pygmies?

One is a cunning bunch of runts . . .

bonmot, dancing on the edge of PC. Love it.

I believe Mr. Jeff Meyerson is on vacation this week in an undisclosed, sunny, vacation spot. If you read this Jeff I hope you and your sweetie, Jackie, are having a wonderful time.

I forgot. *SMACKS* bonmot and OC Dolphin.

I'm so proud to be a Massachusettsian.

Heck, they should make a mess of those things and sell them online! They could fund their school athletics's budget for years!

Anyone remember the "Fighting Whities?"

My first inclination was to say, what's the problem? All they have to do is represent the "and" with a big-old & and call it good. Then again, I remember that around 1990, the company I worked for -- Advanced Information and Decision Systems (ISIANMTU) -- decided to try the "and" -> "&" route. They soon decided to change the name instead.

Guin, I could never live in Mass. I can't spell it or pronounce it but I've heard it's a beautiful state.

Sat night we ate at a great BBQ joint. They have those oval european stickers that say BBQ. I say we just send the team a bunch of stickers to add to their jackets.

Come visit, Cindy! It's nice up here. Bunch of flaming liberals, ya know. We can go visit Punkin in New Hamster.

At least this team knows enough not to have that problem.

obs: do they sell SLU Tees?

WTF is worng with WTF?

They'd better not look at the second half of a weekly planner.
I haven't been this upset since the Sandy Hook Invitational Tournament.

Why the fuss?

Because clearly this school has nothing better to worry about...

As an 'older person', I officially don't understand what it stands for.

(Thanks a heap, sonny; wait til we run you over with the effin' geezer bus)

I don't think it's a serious matter to spend our time.

They think the kids should reconsider the look? Good luck with that. You'll have to pry these things from their cold, dead hands. Or wait for them to pass out this weekend.
Take the approach of the school in Michigan whose nickname is "Nimrods." They make money selling school stuff all over the country. Should be required equipment for everyone on this blog.

The Texas Womens' Anglers Tournament changed its name to the Texas Ladies' Anglers Tournament.

Hey, Wingnut, I actually knew a guy with the real name, Nimrod. He had become a successful businessman without ever knowing that his name appeared in the Bible.
What a Nimrod.

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